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Manifest Well with Spiritual Teacher and Best-Selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein

The author of seven spiritual self-help books, Bernstein, 39, serves as a personal coach to those who want to tap into their spirit and achieve true happiness.


Reached Your Peak? Now Teach and Be Happy, Says Arthur Brooks

Money can’t buy happiness but it helps, and there’s no denying the work you do—whether you’re in an office, performing physical labor, or both or neither—is a chunk of your identity.


Yoga Work-In

Time is a precious resource, and just when you think you don’t have enough of it for both a workout and self-care, yoga comes to the rescue.


Mind Over Muscle

For many gym workouts, Monday is chest day, but why not flex even more muscle by making it brain day?


Superfood Breakfast Cookies

Almost too nutritious to be called a cookie, these kid-friendly breakfast “treats” are made entirely from whole-grain oats and are packed with superfoods like pistachios, dried cherries, cinnamon, chia seeds and flaxseed.


How to Make 5-Minute Microwave Mug Meals

Microwaves can be used for way more than reheating leftover pizza.


For This Mathematician, Nutrients Are Not Adding Up

Research has shown that our bodies need essential nutrients to grow, repair and function— starting when we’re in utero and throughout our entire lives.


Meet Elena Brower

A mama, student, teacher, speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, Elena Brower has had her hands in a steady stream of creative, meaningful projects...


Jennifer Pastiloff Gets You

At 33, Jennifer Pastiloff was stuck—stuck physically at a job she didn’t love and stuck mentally in a deep-rooted depression...


News Flash: Curing the Common Cold, Drinking Tea for Better Brain Health, and Age-Related Weight Gain

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


An Express Workout for When You Just Don’t Have an Hour to Spend at the Gym

So you’re late getting to the gym and really need a quick, effective, sweat-inducing, total-body workout? Here is a total-body express...


A Fitness Coach and Social Influencer’s Three Tips for Healthier Self-Talk

If you read our profile on fitness coach and social influencer Miranda Guerra, then you know just how difficult her path to wellness was.


Six Foods to Improve Your Energy and Focus

Tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages worldwide following plain water, and there’s no doubt that a major reason why...


Stressed Out? Move Your Body to Help Your Mind

Sunday Scaries holding you back today? When your mind is racing over past events or an uncertain future, sometimes movement can...

Model lying on her side with yoga block between legs Movement

24 Ways to Use a Yoga Block in Your Workout

Deepen stretches, ignite your core, or invite awareness into movements and poses you’ve done a thousand times—just by adding the versatile...


The Surprising Power of Practice With Aarona Lea

Life won’t slow down for anyone, but each of us should hit pause for a few minutes each day to connect...


Forget Skinny Jeans—Here Are Five Significant Reasons to Lose Weight

I’d like you to join me in a thought experiment. I promise there’s a point to it. In fact, we’ll soon...


News Flash: Naps Are Good for Your Heart, Obesity Cure in Your Gut, and More News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we cover news...

Woman in Les Mills gear close up performing a plank Regeneration

How to Train Hard and Stay Injury-Free

So you’re riding high with your training regimen—lapping up the fitness gains and relishing the endorphin highs that go with regular...

Game Changers

Fitness Coach Miranda Guerra Says Reaching Your Fitness Goals Is About These Three Things

Growing up in upstate New York, fitness coach, workout studio manager and NPC bikini competitor Miranda Guerra says she used to...


Master This Move: Barbell Snatch

The snatch is one of two events in competitive Olympic weightlifting. (The clean-and-jerk is the other.) The snatch is composed of...

Girl doing abdominal workout with dumbbell Movement

Three Steps for Achieving Flow When You Work Out

Do you ever have those days when things feel out of sync—you hit every red traffic light; you get stuck behind...

Tiffany Cruikshank sitting on yoga mat next to orange foam roller Regeneration

Three Moves for Fascial Health With a Foam Roller

Your fascial health is so important for performance, recovery and resilience, and to resist injury during training. Below are three moves...

Nicole Gerritsen outside leaning on fence Game Changers

Nicole Gerritsen Says Getting to the Root Cause and Starting Small Were Instrumental Steps in Reaching Her Fitness Goals

For most of her life, Alaska native Nicole Gerritsen was underweight. “In middle school, people thought I was anorexic because I...


24 Ways to Use a SandBell in Your Workout

SandBells add variability to any type of core, power or traditional strength-type workout  and are a fantastic way to work on...


10 Tools to Improve Your Memory Today (With What You Already Have)

Remember the sweet Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz”? All he wanted was a brain! I can bet you one thing:...

man feeding woman in kitchen Nourishment

Three Crucial (and Counterintuitive) Strategies for Getting Loved Ones to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

You beam as you gather your family ‘round the dining table, where you’ve lovingly assembled a colorful and nutritious meal. You...

Up-close shot of two women in workout wear talking near window Mindset

Four Steps to Identifying and Disarming Your Bad Traits

I love teaching, and I always have. I played “school” as a kid, I taught Sunday school as a teen, and...

Game Changers

Vitality Coach Logan Schwartz Says Health Is The Key to Happiness—Here’s Why

As a parent and fitness and health expert, Logan Schwartz says his first priority for his kids is for them to...