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News Flash: Overload Training, Cardio Leads to Healthier Gut, Army’s Combat-Ready Body Test

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Learn How to Get the Benefits of Working Out When You’re Not Working Out

Whether you go hard on the gym floor, sweat it out in the studio or pound the pavement, there’s no doubt...


Cruise Control: Burning Questions on Staying Healthy This Summer

Don’t let the worry of sabotaging your health and fitness routine keep you from enjoying your summer. We asked celebrity trainer...


Three Workouts to Help You to Stay in Shape on the Go

Whether you regularly travel for work or you go away occasionally, traveling can put a damper on your regular training schedule....


Travel the Globe With July’s Playlist

My wife and I recently returned from our honeymoon. As with every time I travel internationally, it was a reminder of...

Game Changers

Dr. Josh Axe Shares His Summer Essentials

If you read our July cover story with Dr. Josh Axe, then you know he’s a certified doctor of natural medicine...


Master This Move: Kettlebell Swing

In the farm markets of 18th century Russia, kettlebells were used to weigh crops. In the 1800s, they were featured in...


News Flash: Benefits of Being Outside, Juice Not a Health Drink, America’s Fitness Report Card

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Use Newton’s Laws of Physics to Work Out Smarter

If you’ve ever seen an episode (or 10) of “The Big Bang Theory,” then you know this popular TV show is...


Five Fun Ways to Exercise While on Vacation

With the holidays long gone and very few days off on the horizon, this is a great time of year for...


Keep Your Summer Body Tight With This TRX HIIT Workout

Crank up the heat on your summer body with this short, sweet and sizzling-hot HIIT workout you can do anywhere. Excellent...


A Natural Approach to Healing With Dr. Josh Axe

If the only time you pay attention to your health is when you get that once-a-year bloodwork done at your physician’s office, it’s time to reconsider your lifestyle, Dr. Josh Axe says.


Patricia Moreno Awakens the Brain-Body Connection to Transform You

As she rose up the ranks to star status in the fitness industry, Patricia Moreno found herself trapped in a vicious cycle of body consciousness...


“My Health Is My Job” and Now Paul Reed’s Focus Is Inspiring Others

The tragic loss of two brothers is a lot to swallow—and Paul Reed was also taking care of a wheelchair-bound friend...


5K Makeover

Novice or competitor, every runner’s secret weapon is total-body strength.

Kidney Health Movement

Five Steps to Protect Your Kidney Health From Your Workout

If you love working hard in the gym, chances are you’ve had your share of strains and pains.

Forward Motion Nourishment

24Life Editor’s Challenge: Forward Motion

It is indeed a blessing to have health, fitness and wellness information at our fingertips and from all perspectives.

Southwestern Salad Nourishment

You Can Take It With You – Southwestern Mason Jar Salad

If you struggle with the mess and time it takes to make salads like I do, Mason jar salads can certainly help you get in more leafy greens.

Detox Nourishment

The Good Detox (Hint: No Starvation Required)

Detox. The word conjures up water and juice fasts, with hyper-motivated adherents battling fatigue and starvation in an ultimate quest for purified bodies, glowing skin and weight loss.

Fix Perfectionism Regeneration

How to Recover From Perfectionism with Petra Kolber

Perfect doesn’t exist. Yet so many of us chase it, comparing ourselves to others on Instagram, beating ourselves up when we fall short, and letting our inner critic kill our joy, says happiness expert Petra Kolber.

Pollution Is Damaging Your Skin Regeneration

How Pollution Is Damaging Your Skin

Pollution causes free-radical damage to skin and over time can cause breakdown of collagen, wrinkles and brown spots, among many other signs of premature skin aging...

Water Break Regeneration

Water Break: A 24Hour Fast

Intermittent fasting is a simple and powerful strategy. It’s easy to understand and straightforward to follow.


A Personal Trainer on How to Stick with Your Fitness Routine During and After Traveling

The weather is warm, the days are long, school’s out and you’ve booked your tropical family vacation. Next stop: the beach,...


Five Food Travel Hacks From Wellness Expert Nikki Sharp

Summer weather definitely has us dreaming of tropical beaches and island time. And while we love the idea of going somewhere...


News Flash: Exercise and Weight Loss, Cash for Working Out, Coffee for a Longer Life

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Why It’s Healthy to Admit Defeat and Wave Your White Flag

Everyone has times in their life when they ought to admit defeat. Whether it’s in your love life, how you handle...


Get Fit With This Fourth of July HIIT Workout

If you love watching the Fourth of July fireworks every year, you’ll love this explosive high-intensity interval training workout, intended to...


10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes fun in the sun, relaxation and travel. Unfortunately, heading out of town...


Why Functional Training Is a Great Way to Move Your Body for the Long Run

Our bodies are built to move. Not only is movement good for our waistline, but it’s also good for our energy,...