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Six Ways to Jump-Start a Fitness Program at Any Age

Fitness is important for people during all stages of life, and maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is critical to...

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Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Cure Your Sugar Hangover

Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella tells 24Life how to bounce back after a Halloween sugar overload. Halloween is officially behind us, and...


Beyond the Candy: Healthy Halloween Activities and Tips

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candy. Halloween is all about good, clean fun, dressing up and … sugar. But...

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Five Steps to Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Tips for everything from choosing a restaurant and smart ordering. You know the drill: you’re out at lunch with a friend...


Workout Challenges for the Whole Family

Here are some fun ways to add fitness to your family time. Between work, family time, and fitness, it can often...


A Top Podcaster’s Must-Do Workouts and Morning Routine

If you’ve never listened to Shawn Stevenson’s top-rated podcast The Model Health Show, you’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge...


Celebrate National Blueberry Month with These Recipes

July is National Blueberry Month. Check out these creative uses for this tiny blue superfood. In honor of National Blueberry Month,...


The Debate on Stand-Up Desks

Just when all the warnings on the dangers of sitting too much had you thinking about a stand-up desk, researchers from...


Eat more nuts

The evidence that nuts are life extenders continues to mount.  Dutch researchers have found that a handful of peanuts per day...


Ways to Fit Protein into
Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, find protein-packed foods for your diet. No matter which particular diet you choose...


Six Habits to Drop Like They’re Hot

A nutritionist tells 24Life how kicking these bad habits can help you to reach your health and fitness goals.

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Nine Things that Play into Being Healthy

A nutritionist tells 24Life why “Healthy” is more than just what you eat and drink.


Are fish oil pills effective?

Omega-3s are known to be great for your brain and heart, and according to Forbes, Americans spent more than $6 billion...


A hot food good for your health

A slew of recent research is pointing to hot chilis as a surprising superfood that reduces cravings, prevents liver damage and...


Top 10 Beauty and Grooming Essentials

Louvelle Shower Turbans Preserve your hairstyle with a shower turban so chic you’ll almost want to wear it outside the locker...


The food rituals of a nutritionist

The common stereotype of a nutritionist is someone who counts calories, lives off vegetables and never eats junk food or drinks...


Tips for a Healthy Mind

Every January, people around the world flock to gyms to start a new fitness routine. But as you’re getting your body...

Game Changers

The Skinny on Carbs: Five Rules You Should Break

There’s plenty of evidence that carbohydrates are essential to brain function as well as strength and conditioning. But anyone who’s tried...


Supercharge Your Summer (And Your Metabolism)

No matter what time of year, your metabolism can run smoothly – or not, adding up to a few stubborn pounds...


#HOT 24

When you read more, life expands — these 24 books covering superfoods to fitness, from healthy recipes to juicing, will reshape...