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The Posture Plumb Line

Posture: for ballerinas, opera singers and military platoons, it seems effortless. For the rest of us, it is a vague consideration...

Game Changers

Relationships Impact Health, Not Just Happiness

A mother’s voice triggers much more than the auditory processing region of a child’s brain, according to new Stanford University School...

Game Changers

Three Triggers for Transformation That Lasts

"The world breaks everyone," wrote Ernest Hemingway, "and afterwards, some are stronger at the broken places."


Why 30-day challenges work and why they fail

Want to try a challenge? Here’s how to make it work for you.


The future of health and exercise

It’s when you first get your genomic test results that you start getting the “aha” moments. Lots of them. Things that...


Cold Therapy with the Iceman

Lashaun Dale embarks on a 10-week journey to reboot her Inner Fire, following the guidance of Wim Hof.


Fast food

Spring's the time to start shedding some of the winter pounds. With the intermittent diet A flexible and proven way to lose weight, AUTHORS OF 5:2 Lifestyle, Delphine de Montalier and Charlotte Debeugny create a delicious selection of recipes for your fasting days. 

Game Changers

How The Heart Shows Stress

Heart rate. It’s that staple of training that you use to tell how hard you’re working, since your heart provides a...