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Movement Helps People Come Together

Over the last five years, 24Life has conducted more than 2,500 interviews in the pursuit of our editorial mission—to help our...


Should I Workout Alone Or With A Group? Science Tells You What To Do

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Why Working Out Together Works Wonders

Research shows that if we work out in a group, we are far more likely to stick at exercise than if...


Five Questions to Ask Before You Try a New Workout Class

As a freshly minted group fitness instructor (and a longtime group fitness attendee), the most common questions I get asked after...

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Unapologetically Authentic: Meet the Real Chalene Johnson

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In Case of Need: Take Class

There’s a cancer survivor in front of you, a single mom on your left, a job-seeker on your right. In the Zumba “nation,” there’s bound to be someone who’s been there – and they’ve got your back.


Cycling Transported

Forget about cruising through mountain passes and sunsets: Imagine you’re pumping up and careening down slick catwalks that snake in and...

Game Changers

Gabrielle Reece: Group Leader

Named one of the five most beautiful women in the world by Elle, former star of the Women’s Beach Volleyball League...