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How To Find Your Exercise Mojo—And Keep It

So the year is flying by and you’ve just realized you haven’t been to the gym in weeks—and it’s clear your...


What It Really Means to Focus on the Journey: Outcome Goals vs. Process Goals

“Begin with the end in mind” is one of the seven habits of highly successful people identified by the late Stephen Covey.


Five Strategies For Keeping Up Your Fitness Resolutions

Struggling to stick to an exercise regime? Here’s the thing – it may not be all your fault. It’s an all...


New Year, New Advice From Top Social Media Fitness Influencers

Setting goals (at any time of the year) is always a sure way to make a real change in your life.


WHISPERS OF WISDOM, Part 2: You Have the Right to Claim Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

For the first time, Americans reported to employers that the thing they want more than increased money is time. We all...


How to “Just Say No” to Excuses That Keep You From Achieving Your Goals

At Handel Group, we believe humans should occupy their bodies in a state of power, grace and self-love. Does this mean...


Nine Things to Remember on Your Fitness Journey

We asked a few fitness influencers to share the best advice they have to give or have ever received. It’s a...


A Playlist to Feed Your Adrenaline and Fuel Your Workouts

This month, drive your New Year’s fitness goals with this high-energy playlist. Celebrating the New Year together offers us a collective...


Why Having a Specific Goal Isn’t Always Necessary in Fitness

You don’t have to have a goal to work out if you just enjoy the process and overall benefits of fitness....


Need Motivation? Four Influencers on Setting Goals and Creating Habits to Achieve

We asked fitness influencers for their New Year’s resolutions and where they find motivation when they feel like giving up. Over...


The 3 C’s for Success

You can pursue your own goal—and shared happiness.


Take a Chance On Yourself

The distance between you and your dreams is not very far at all.


Partner Corner: Ditch Your Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are a false indicator and might even be bad for you. Stop fretting about your weight when you embark...


Shake Up to Shape Up

Goal Setting for Spring Success.


Partner Corner: The Psychology Behind Becoming the Best You Can Be

Forget heavy lifting alone, visualization can get you where you want. Whether you’re aiming for pro-athlete performance or you simply want...


Overcome these Gym Excuses

Get over these mental roadblocks that hinder you from getting to the gym. There are a million ways to talk yourself...


Five Ways to Get Into the Mindset of Exercising Regularly

Try these tricks for those times when you don’t feel like working out.


Three Ways to Say No

“No” is part of your strategy for saying yes to what you want.


Four Mental Tricks to Accomplish Any Goal You Want

From weight loss to good parenting, sometimes your mind needs a little encouragement.


Your Blueprint for Brilliance

Follow this step-by-step strategy that leads to your goals.


Growing Flowers in the Desert

A scientist’s dream blooms brightly.


Know Where You Are Going, to Get There

Let go of worrying how you’ll get there, and you’ll find you’re able to get back on track.


Desire 2.0: Fall Back in Love with Your Workouts

Steps you can take to fall in love with exercise again.


Build a Better Workout

These essential workout elements can change your body.

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New Year No-Booze Challenge: Why Go Dry This January

Holidays are often heavy on the drinking. This January, do the opposite. We’re all human, which is why vices shouldn’t necessarily...


Ask Yourself These Questions to Create Better Resolutions

Every January, millions of people resolve to get in shape and stick to a program, only to find life somehow gets...


Six Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Turn your resolutions into a maintainable healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t end after the first few weeks of January.  When the champagne...


Good Behavior

To break through, make a break for a different kind of goal.

Game Changers

Rewrite Your Story in 2017

Tips from experts make this the year you want.


Resolution Revolution

May the best goal win. It’s here and so are you: resolution in hand, a list in your heart. 2017 welcomes...