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Kira Stokes Sweats the Small Stuff—And Keeps Fitness Fun

“I’m a bit of an Energizer Bunny,” Kira Stokes admits while visiting with 24Life in a New York studio.


Make Movement Mindful: Slow Down and Pay Attention for Better Results

Traditionally rooted in meditation, the popular and ever-growing mindfulness movement has hit the gym for a calmer, clearer mental state alongside a more productive and satisfying workout.

Game Changers

A Healthy Mind, A Rich Life

Mega-success, fitness personality and business coach Chalene Johnson teaches people to find health, wealth and peace of mind.


Songs of Summer

Tune up your playlist for the season.


The Art of Focus

There’s a smarter way to manage your attention, for better results.


Energy Tune-up

How music can give you energy and motivation every day.

Game Changers

Coaches’ Corner

What should I do to lose weight — strength and conditioning, or cardio? Nik Herold: That’s a very popular question, especially...