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The Most Important Conversation

Dana Tabacco says there’s one question that doesn’t cost a thing, but the answer is priceless.

graduation quotes FeaturedRegeneration

Life Wisdom for Graduates

24Life honors a day of transformation for graduates nationwide.


The Psychology of Activewear Design

Suiting up for success is all about choosing the right thing to wear when you exercise.


Bigger, Stronger, Faster … in Days

What would it take for you to let me help you build your best body ever in as little as 12...

Mark's Desk Mindset

On Leadership: In Search of Transformation

A quick internet search will prove that “transformation” is in high demand. There are transformation programs for your career, your wardrobe,...

Game Changers

99% Perspiration, 100% Inspiration

Thomas Edison said genius was a little inspiration and a lot of perspiration. That puts Team 24 and U.S. Paralympic athletes...


No time? No problem. Try Tabata.

Burn big calories with this total-body cardio and power Tabata workout.


Mindset Hacks

Learn how to make better decisions with these willpower hacks.


Spring Clean Your Mind

Planning to organize your home or detox this spring?


Dynamic Dinners

Now trending: Meal-kit delivery services that save you time and energy.


Energy Management

How Your Hormones Work Together to Run Your Metabolism.

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Energy Management: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Flow states require energy.


Why 30-day challenges work and why they fail

Want to try a challenge? Here’s how to make it work for you.


3 Ways, 30 Days

Mix and match your workouts Did you set a personal fitness goal? Good. If you want results, then strategy is your...


The food rituals of a nutritionist

The common stereotype of a nutritionist is someone who counts calories, lives off vegetables and never eats junk food or drinks...


In Case of Need: Take Class

There’s a cancer survivor in front of you, a single mom on your left, a job-seeker on your right. In the Zumba “nation,” there’s bound to be someone who’s been there – and they’ve got your back.


Cold Therapy with the Iceman

Lashaun Dale embarks on a 10-week journey to reboot her Inner Fire, following the guidance of Wim Hof.


Inspiring resources to help you take a first step

YOU WANT TO BE INSPIRED … Created in 2008, Creative Mornings celebrates a city’s creative talent by gathering for coffee, breakfast...

PlayForChange Game Changers

Play for Change – Success Story

When Selden McCabe was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2010, he began a drug regimen with potential to extend...

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Coaches’ Corner

What should I do to lose weight — strength and conditioning, or cardio? Nik Herold: That’s a very popular question, especially...

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Yoga is Booming

Up to 12 percent of Americans now practice yoga, and nearly a third plan to try it for the first time,...

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The Power of Knitting

Our grandmothers were onto something with knitting and crocheting. It appears that the repetitive nature of needlework can induce a similar...

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Adult Relief

With adult coloring books now making up seven of the top 20 best-sellers in the Amazon bookstore, the words “craze” or...

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Too Good to be True

Don’t you love it when foods you really enjoy turn out to have health-giving properties that are almost too good to...

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Good Friends, Good Health

Don’t get stuck trying to decide whether exercise or diet is the most important thing for maintaining good health — it...

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Feel the Force (Don’t Force the Feel)

We’re drowning in information—about how to live better, eat right, earn more and find true love—but we’re still starving for motivation....


Fast food

Spring's the time to start shedding some of the winter pounds. With the intermittent diet A flexible and proven way to lose weight, AUTHORS OF 5:2 Lifestyle, Delphine de Montalier and Charlotte Debeugny create a delicious selection of recipes for your fasting days. 


Know Where You’re At

Guessing how much time on the treadmill will work off the second helping of pumpkin pie — or how many calories...


Sitting Combat

We’ve all heard the warnings that “sitting is the new smoking,” and probably think they’re an exaggeration. But there’s now overwhelming...


In The Mindful Zone

The most widely accepted definition of mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, deliberately and nonjudgmentally… From David Michie’s book...