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What to Know Before Taking a Virtual Studio Class

When I was contemplating joining a gym many moons ago, studio classes were what sealed the deal for me—and my wallet....


Try This Group Running Workout That Will Make Cardio More Fun

This 24-minute running group workout will work on your aerobic conditioning, and you’ll also feel extra energized and motivated performing this...


24 Ways to Use a Dumbbell in Your Workouts

Dumbbells are a versatile piece of functional-training equipment. You only need a few sets of dumbbells to get a total-body workout....


The Benefits of Group Fitness and Seven Ways to Make It Happen

In areas of the world referred to as the “blue zones,” where more people live to 100 years and beyond than...


How Do You Know If You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Money? A Financial Wellness Adviser Explains

If April tax season brought with it a sense of dread and anxiety surrounding money, you’re not alone. And though tax...

Game Changers

Highly Successful People Share the Turning Points That Changed Their Life Trajectory

We all experience turning points in life. The decisions we make (or don’t make) can take us from one path to...


Tips for Enhancing and Improving Your Pull-Up Technique

If you’re looking to improve your upper body and back strength, look no further than the pull-up. This compound, upper body...


Five Meditation Techniques Beginners Love

Beginning a meditation practice can feel like a daunting endeavor. However, meditating regularly is one of the most rewarding and beneficial...


No Excuses: How to Stop Procrastinating

Everyone has a dream they are putting off. So how do you stop procrastinating? We make excuses tied to our circumstances or push...


A Recovering Perfectionist Shares Her Seven Wellness Secrets

Meet Nealy Fischer, a wellness expert, yoga teacher, mom of four and recovering perfectionist. Fischer, who felt herself succumbing to societal...


Stepping Out! Experts Explain How to Walk Your Way to Health

Are you feeling worn out? Stressed out? Bummed out? Then it’s time for you to step out! If there is such...

Game Changers

Get to Know Plated Co-Founder Elana Karp

Sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is more than just bread and cheese; it’s soul food. Elana Karp, co-founder and head chef...


How Celebrity Fitness Expert Jorge Cruise’s Morning Routine Sets His Days Up for Success

Mornings are arguably the most critical time of day. From waking up to an onslaught of emails to getting ready for...


Seven Things to Know About Movement for Your Fascia

It’s a little-known fact that the first personal trainers were bodybuilders who were hired to help clients develop large, well-defined muscles....


A Celebrity Makeup Artist’s Go-To Natural and Clean Beauty Products

As a celebrity hair and makeup artist who has been working in the beauty industry for more than 15 years, I...


Put the Spring Back in Your Step by Keeping Your Fascia Healthy

Spring is coming, which means it’s time to put the spring back in your step and start moving! Let’s get you moving and introduce you to your fascia.


Should You Drink Coffee?

Despite its roots in Ethiopia, coffee is as American as apple pie. For many of us, brewing an antioxidant-rich cup is a staple of our morning routine—no less important than brushing our teeth.

Elana-Karp-in-kitchen Nourishment

Plated’s Elana Karp Changes Lives One Meal Kit at a Time

24Life asked Karp for more insight into how she and Plated are making a difference in busy families’ lives, one dinner at a time.

Couples-massage Regeneration

Massage 101: The Myth and the Magic

Licensed massage therapist Stacy Stevens educates us about the therapeutic benefits of massage.


Fit for Impact: Stories That Inspire You To Move

24Life covers the benefits that physical training has on mindset, the impact that mental fortitude has on motivation, and the momentum that comes from taking a first step.


Financial Wellness Trainer Danetha Doe Offers Tips for What to Do With Your Tax Return

Tax season is upon us, and many of us are eagerly awaiting our return, dreaming up all the ways we want...


Master This Move: Barbell Deadlift

This is one of the most popular exercises in fitness used in weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength and conditioning. This exercise...


Seven Ways to Build Self-Discipline, Foster Momentum and Sustain Healthy Habits

Over the last few years, I’ve turned my health and fitness around dramatically. I’ve lost weight (more than 20 pounds), gained...


Meditations for Every Type: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

Meditation. We know (or at least have been told) that it’s good for us. Scientifically speaking, meditation has been proved to...


Get a Grip on Your Functional Training

It has been said that you can tell the measure of a person by a handshake. A firm grip and commanding...


Improve These Five Yoga Poses With Help From the TRX

Ask any fitness professional and chances are they will tell you that yoga is a practice you must add to your...


Cook to Feel Good With Abbie Cornish and Jacqueline King Schiller’s New Cookbook

Grab a cooking partner and get in the kitchen, suggest award-winning actress Abbie Cornish (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,” “Missouri,” Amazon’s “Jack...


Master This Move: Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch has been a staple in the fitness community for many years. This exercise requires not only core strength...


News Flash: Good News For Late Workout Bloomers, And Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...

Diana-Mills-Dancing-with-Group Mindset

Diana Mills Moves to Balance

As a member of the “First Family of Fitness” and mother of three, Diana Mills shares her the secret to a leading a busy and fulfilling life.