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Know Where You’re At

Guessing how much time on the treadmill will work off the second helping of pumpkin pie — or how many calories...


Sitting Combat

We’ve all heard the warnings that “sitting is the new smoking,” and probably think they’re an exaggeration. But there’s now overwhelming...


In The Mindful Zone

The most widely accepted definition of mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, deliberately and nonjudgmentally… From David Michie’s book...


Yoga As Medicine

We all take medicine to cure our illnesses, ease our aches and make us feel better overall, right? But, what about...


Top 10 Tips To Conquer Obstacle Racing

It’s obstacle race season, and if it’s on your bucket list or you’re a veteran, you’ll still appreciate these tips from...


Get Your Kids to Play

Summer fun can be a blessing and a curse. The lack of routine is tough for parents trying to keep a...


Make this Summer Vacation a Fitcation

Even if you’re tied to a tour group and a tightly scheduled itinerary, adding some physical activity to your daily schedule...


TOP five ways to find time to exercise

5 excuse-busting tips for when you hear yourself say, “I don’t have time to exercise.” 



Your joints are the one area of your body you need to take extra care of while training. 24Life gets insight from orthopedic surgeon Nigel Hope.


#HOT 24

When you read more, life expands — these 24 books covering superfoods to fitness, from healthy recipes to juicing, will reshape...

Game Changers

It’s all about the bass

Think about the last great workout you had. Not just a good one, but a truly great one. A workout in...

Game Changers

Become an Atlas Warrior

Obstacle course racing is America’s fastest growing sport and it’s not hard to see why: the hill running, walls, slippery slopes,...

Game Changers

24 new tips for a great year of you

1. Stand more Too much sitting is not a friend to your posture, health or fitness goals. Remind yourself to take...