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Strength Training Tips for Active Aging

Build strength to improve quality of life with these four strength training tips.


Sculpting a Strong, Successful and Sensational Year!

You can do it – one thought at a time.


Focus Your Energy

Greg Wieting demonstrates a movement sequence designed to energize your yoga practice — and bring focus to your day.


Move Into Focus

Three regenerative movements bring insights into your body.


Focus Pocus

It’s not a trick of the light — sometimes focus can dim your passion.

Game Changers

Five Triggers for Focus

Focus is a prerequisite to flow.


The Art of Focus

There’s a smarter way to manage your attention, for better results.


Driven to Distraction

Regain your focus in our “attentional economy.”


Solar Flow Power, From Your Core

Yoga delivers more than peace, love and happiness. Light up your midsection with asanas that train and challenge your core, and...


Marie Forleo’s Personal Practice

Have time to shower? You’ve got time for Marie Forleo’s meditation practice to stop the wind-up toy in your head.