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Three Ways to Spend Your Rest Days

Your body needs to recover, but you don’t want to spend rest days as a couch potato. Your body requires rest....


Six Ways to Jump-Start a Fitness Program at Any Age

Fitness is important for people during all stages of life, and maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is critical to...


Fit in the City: New York

The Big Apple offers plenty of opportunities to get and stay active that won’t break the budget. The variety of physical...


What Happens to Your Body When You Lift Heavy vs. Light Weights

Lifting weights and strength training — as a supplement to your regular cardio program — offers immense benefits. Weightlifting builds your...

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Are You Fit Enough to Be a Firefighter?

Firefighters need to be physically ready for a challenge at a moment’s notice. Firefighters. They’re quick to arrive at the scene...


Awards-show Bodies: How Stars Get Fit for the Red Carpet

Inspired by fashionable and fit stars on red carpets? Here’s what celebs do to get in ship-shape before awards shows. Strutting...

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Living Your Dream with Bo Eason

Bo Eason has realized “impossible” dreams more than once, and he’s got the formula for all of us to do so, too.


Why Community Matters in Fitness

Grooving together takes on greater meaning when we look more closely at brain function.

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Six Ways to Keep Your Fitness Momentum Going All Year

The end of summer often signals a return to routine and, for exercisers who live in colder climates, taking workouts back inside. Many people reaffirm their commitment to fitness in the fall and winter, but if you’re not careful, it can be easy to slip into a winter slump. While it may be tempting to stay cozy at home, to reap the full benefits of an active lifestyle, you need to maintain your exercise habits year round.

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Three Ways the Right Technology Can Help You Stay Fit

While social media and being attached to your screen can be addicting and have real implications in altering your physiology, posture...


Make Your Family an Active One

Ensure your kids get on the right path to physical fitness and health by encouraging movement. Roughly 20 percent of children...


New to Yoga? Six Ways to Modify Popular Poses

The yoga studio is supposed to be a place of inspired calm and relaxation, but if you are new to yoga,...


Fit in the City: Portland

For such a small city, Portland, Oregon, packs a lot of character — its unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” —...


Make the Most Out of Your Airport Layover with Movement

Travel involves a lot of sitting. Here are five moves to turn your layover into a workout. For the health-conscious and...


A Top Podcaster’s Must-Do Workouts and Morning Routine

If you’ve never listened to Shawn Stevenson’s top-rated podcast The Model Health Show, you’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge...


A Midsummer Night’s Dance Party

Do these U-Jam co-founder’s moves, and let the groove follow.


Train Like An Olympian

This Team USA–inspired boot camp will be offered for a limited time only.


Focus Pocus

It’s not a trick of the light — sometimes focus can dim your passion.


Focus on the Flex with Alex Carneiro

Alex Carneiro’s got a straight-up workout for your chest, arms and back.

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A Quest to Change the Food Industry for Good

Tom Bilyeu gave up a successful career in the tech world to do something much bigger.


Eight Inspirational Celebrity
Weight-Loss Transformations

More than half of the American population wants to lose weight, according to data from a Gallup poll. Weight loss is...


How to Find the Right Gear for Your Weightlifting Goals

Adding weight training to your regimen — or taking what you’re already doing to a higher intensity — may require a...


Fit in the City: Las Vegas

Vegas has nearly every activity under the sun, including the ones that help you get fit. Las Vegas isn’t exactly known...


The Science Behind Sore Muscles

Here’s why your muscles are sore after you work out and what you can do about it. Whether you’re new to...


Eight Pieces of Equipment
Perfect for Beginners

As a fitness beginner, the gym can be incredibly intimidating. We understand – there’s a ton of equipment that you may...

National Running Day Movement

Seven Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Start June off right. Lace up those cross trainers and set out for a run. Runners from across the United States...


Find Your Strength in Numbers

How instructors build a community of like-minded exercisers.


Blow Past Your PR With Sprints

Want to add some sprints to your workout? They have myriad benefits. Many people do them to lose fat and build...


Bigger, Stronger, Faster … in Days

What would it take for you to let me help you build your best body ever in as little as 12...


Fitness Fairytales

Humans are wired for stories. As science explores what draws us into a good one, marketing guru Donald Miller, creator of...