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Diana-Mills-Dancing-with-Group Mindset

Diana Mills Moves to Balance

As a member of the “First Family of Fitness” and mother of three, Diana Mills shares her the secret to a leading a busy and fulfilling life.

Mother-walking-with-children Mindset

Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Tips for a Healthy Brain and Healthy Body

Hormones impact every aspect of health, from weight gain to mood to sleep and chronic disease. Best-selling author Dr. Sara Gottfried offers insight into how women can balance their hormones naturally to feel calm, energized and happier.


Take a Break From These Food Rules

If you’re sick of the typical rules that define a diet, you’ve come to the right place. The following guide is designed to help you replace restrictions with a more nuanced approach to goal-based nutrition.


Kelly Noonan Has Proof That You Hold the Power to Heal

Kelly Noonan has long been fascinated by the universe and the human body.


A 30-Minute De-Stress Does More, With Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher dispels myths and confusion that keep us from giving meditation a try or experiencing its benefits.


Should You Be Working Out More? The Answer May Surprise You

Forget spending hours excessively exercising, we’ve got more evidence that maximizing the time you spend working out won’t fast-track your fitness....


Spoiler Alert: Multitasking Is a Myth

Stressed-out professionals tend to multitask. It gives us the feeling we’re getting more done. We wear it as a badge of...

Game Changers

Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Advice for Living Your Best Life

What would you do if you had the chance to ask more than 400 of the world’s most high-performing humans their...


Seven Ways to Know Whether Your Nutrition Plan Is Working (Sans Scale)

How can you know whether you’re making progress toward a body transformation goal? For starters, spend less time on the scale. Instead,...


Fall in Love With the Keto Diet Plan and Reap the Results

It’s not abnormal to want to make healthy changes in your life in the early months of a new year. It’s...


News Flash: Push-Ups and Heart Health, Cardio and Your Gut, and Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


How Self-Love Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Whether we’re high-power execs or stay-at-home moms, self-criticism is a tendency that many people have. In fact, we often think of self-criticism as...


Ruby Warrington: Give Up Alcohol, Gain Intimacy

You survived Valentine’s Day. There is a sweetness in the promise of roses, chocolate and a bottle of wine shared with...


Three Steps to Resolving Problems With Anyone in Your Life

Here’s a line I’m sure you’ve heard (or said) before: “If it weren’t for people, I’d get a lot more done.”...


News Flash: This Many Minutes of Movement May Prevent Depression, and Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


How Much Should Workouts Hurt to Get Results?

We all know that you don’t get results when you sit in your comfort zone, but is there an ideal degree...


Master This Move: Recovery Breathing

Most breathing techniques focus on yoga, stress management or meditation. But we can use breathing techniques to help us get the...


Heal Diastasis Recti and Restore Your Pelvic Health With Jill Miller

As the uterus expands during pregnancy, the abdominals stretch to accommodate its growth and often separate, which results in a condition...

9-ways-to-make-cooking-fun Nourishment

9 Ways to Make Cooking Fun

Transform meal prep from an arduous task into an enjoyable part of your daily routine with 9 simple steps.

woman-smiling Nourishment

Start Loving Your Liver, and the Rest Will Follow

When the liver is overburdened, it is unable to function properly and can contribute to a whole array of health issues. Give this hard-working organ a little TLC to boost your digestive system, clear your skin and maintain a healthy weight.

Ariel-Kiley-smiling Regeneration

Ariel Kiley: Self Worth Is Your Most Important Investment

We sat down with Ariel Kiley—yoga teacher, transformational guide and expert on conscious money practices—to talk about how a secure relationship with your finances is a sound investment in your own self-worth.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: All the Feels, Along the Way

This issue was a labor of love and we are delighted to share it with you. May you make your relationship with yourself a precious, feel-good focus in your path to wellness this month.


News Flash: Gut Bacteria and Depression, Movement and Cognition, and Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Setting Boundaries and Disrupting Stress With Michelle Garside of Soul Camp

In the hustle and bustle of the new year, finding time for self-care, like working out or accomplishing other personal goals...


Coach Dannie De Novo’s New Book Helps You Get in a Good Mood—and Stay There

After more than a decade practicing business law and going through a divorce, Dannie De Novo made the switch from lawyer...


News Flash: Your Brain Off Facebook, Extreme Cold and Your Body, and Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


What Digestive Health Expert Tamara Duker Freuman Eats in a Day

Named “The Bloated Belly Whisperer” for her work with patients experiencing unexplained gas, bloating and more, digestive health expert Tamara Duker...


Katy Bowman on How Moving Your Body Affects the Brain and Planet

In the scientific world, it is common practice to break things down into smaller chunks in order to study them. Biomechanist...


Want to Change Your Life? Evaluate Your Relationship With Your Parents

As much as I’m always working on you, you should know, I am also working on myself, too. Recently, something happened...