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Game Changers

How Meghan Litchfield Is Working Toward a Sizeless World With RedThread

Growing up, Meghan Litchfield’s mother would take Meghan to the fabric store to pick out patterns. “She would make these beautiful...


The Psychology of Activewear Design

Suiting up for success is all about choosing the right thing to wear when you exercise.


Smart Fabrics

You’ve probably heard one of these excuses or even used it yourself: “Can’t train today, it’s raining!” Or “It’s so cold...


Washing Activewear

When doing the laundry, we’re all used to separating the whites from the colors and the delicates from the cottons. But...


Exercise Your Style

A long with exercise and dieting, your fashion choices can help enhance the appearance of your body. Bright, juicy color is...