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man feeding woman in kitchen Nourishment

Three Crucial (and Counterintuitive) Strategies for Getting Loved Ones to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

You beam as you gather your family ‘round the dining table, where you’ve lovingly assembled a colorful and nutritious meal. You...


Five Small Steps to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

In addition to being valuable in any career field, creativity is incredibly useful in everyday life. Encouraging your child’s creativity will...

mom dad and daughter in the kitchen cooking Lifestyle

Four Parenting Hacks to Create the Family Culture You Want

The other day, I received this text: “Your kids are awesome! I’ve got to study your parenting.” Who, me? My kids?!...


Are You Your Mother?

No matter how much we love our parents or how far we’ve run from them, they provided our basic building blocks....


Is Your (Familial) History Repeating Itself? Here’s How to Break the Cycle

Stop me if you heard this story before (or read it in Discover Magazine!). Darwin and Freud walk into a bar. Meanwhile,...


Earth Day Activities for the Whole Family

If you don’t yet have plans to celebrate Earth Day this weekend (Sunday, April 22), then keep reading. Author of nine...


Easy Ways to Burn Calories around the House

Don’t feel like hitting the gym or lacing up your shoes to go for a run? Strapped for time, and...


Need Motivation? Two Influencers on How Their Kids Keep Them Going

We asked fitness influencers for their New Year’s resolutions and where they find motivation when they feel like giving up. For...


Three Things to do Instead of Black Friday Shopping

Give back, give away and build memories for a lifetime. It’s ironic: We just finished practicing being thankful for what we...


Try This Thanksgiving Practice with Your Kids All Year Long

Teach your kids to foster gratitude year-round with this practice from a mindfulness expert. Michelle Gale isn’t just a mindful parenting...


Three Mindfulness Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Don’t let travel or family drive you nuts this holiday season—with a little help from these mindfulness practices. Everyone’s always thrilled...


How to Make Your Next Vacation Great

Four simple ways to make your next vacation a restful and meaningful one. My last vacation was almost perfect—but I made...


Celebrating Mom

Three lifestyle experts celebrate the moms in their lives. Have you bought flowers for the most special woman in your life...

Game Changers

Going Out of Busyness

Why we can’t seem to take the time to make the time for change.


Smart Holiday Small Talk: Six Ways to Have Great Family Conversation

Be a great member of the family by encouraging positive conversation this holiday season. With the holiday season upon us, you...


Six Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating

Being surrounded by loved ones and holiday spirit makes it hard not to indulge, 24Life is here to help. Brace yourself....


Three Thanksgiving Traditions that Have Nothing to do with Food

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about the grub. Here are a few active traditions to adopt with your family. We...


Make Your Family an Active One

Ensure your kids get on the right path to physical fitness and health by encouraging movement. Roughly 20 percent of children...


Fit Moms Tell All

Why being a healthy role model is part of motherhood.

Game Changers

Family Affair

Sibling inspiration, not rivalry, spurs Frank Bonner onward.


Healthy Easter Recipes

Host an allergy-friendly, picky-eater-approved healthy gathering everyone in the family can enjoy.


Get Your Kids to Play

Summer fun can be a blessing and a curse. The lack of routine is tough for parents trying to keep a...


Family Games to Get You Fit

As expert Brian Grasso explains, play is a surefire way to get the whole family off the couch in the summer—or...