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Four Times When Steady-State Cardio is the Way to Go

Sometimes, slow and steady wins the fitness race. Steady-state cardio often gets a bad rap, and the reputation is understandable. There...


No time? No problem. Try Tabata.

Burn big calories with this total-body cardio and power Tabata workout.


Hot 24: E=mc2

The options to move our bodies are more abundant than ever before.


Sitting Combat

We’ve all heard the warnings that “sitting is the new smoking,” and probably think they’re an exaggeration. But there’s now overwhelming...


Workout: The Holiday Express

The last month of the year is usually a party train coupled to an eat-fest and an end-of-fiscal-year deadline. And it’s...



For a long time, science believed that the adult brain was incapable of growth. When brain tissue was damaged or destroyed,...