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Listen to This: A Playlist for Discovery

This summer, find new music, and lose yourself in it. For the middle of summer, I’ve created an upbeat and invigorating...


The Secrets to Health

Physical routines are only the start.


Mind the Minerals

Have you ever thought about iron and copper and what they do in your body? There’s a lot of debate about...


The World’s 10 Best Surf Spots

Here are the top 10 worldwide bucket-list spots for every surfer, in no particular order… 10. BINGIN, BALI, INDONESIA 8°48’13.4” S 115°06’49.0”...


Ring In The New Year – Without The Hangover

Maybe you discovered the accidental benefit of celebrating with family or friends who don’t “party hearty.” Or the hangover routine has...


The World’s Top Restorative Retreats

SANCTUARY ON CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN RESORT AND SPA – SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA USA Location, location, location! The Sanctuary Resort’s views over Praying Monk...

Game Changers

Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Mood

You are what you eat has never rung more true. The idea of the microbiome — a fancy name for our...


Trigger Change

It’s 8 a.m., and you grab your laptop and gym bag on the way out the door. First stop, drop the...