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Is Your Body Craving this Magic Mineral?

Find out how magnesium can support your fitness goals and improve your overall health. It’s been called the single most important...


Health Care Beyond the Symptoms

Dr. Leroy Hood, a contributor to the Human Genome Project and an expert in biological and computational sciences, is calling for...


Can Collagen Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin?

Some buzzworthy health trends turn out to be flops, but when it comes to collagen – well, it’s a beneficial supplement...


#IIFYM: A Focus on Macronutrients

IIFYM isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a way of life. Tracking your macros could be the game-changer for your fit lifestyle....


Awards-show Bodies: How Stars Get Fit for the Red Carpet

Inspired by fashionable and fit stars on red carpets? Here’s what celebs do to get in ship-shape before awards shows. Strutting...


Warm-up: Want to Lose Weight? Clean Your Kitchen

If weight loss is your goal, washing the dishes is a good idea — but not because the scrubbing action will...

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Food Labels 101: What to Look for

Make your next trip to the grocery store easier and healthier by knowing what to look for on labels. With misleading...


Food and Friendship

Here’s how to count your blessings.


Dinner with a Side of Community

From farm to table, community is making a comeback.


Share the Flavor

Quick seasonal dishes to come together and enjoy.


Your Team Starts with You

The saying goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” but at times, “I” is the most important letter.


Nuts about nut butters

Are some nuts or seeds better than others?


How to Deal with Digestive Distress

A change in routine can temporarily wreak digestive havoc. Here’s how to get things moving.

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Five Steps to Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Tips for everything from choosing a restaurant and smart ordering. You know the drill: you’re out at lunch with a friend...

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Sugar Truth: 57 Different Terms For it and What it Does to Your Body

The sugar industry doesn’t want you to know that sugar is hiding in ingredient lists and can greatly impact your body....


How to Meal Prep

Plan and prepare food for the week ahead of time with these tips in mind. Your weeknights are already a juggling...

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Five Things That Happen When You Start Eating Healthy

Great living and fitness start in the kitchen. Nutrition is the cornerstone of everything we do. We need nutrient-rich food to...


Five Snacks to Maximize Your Energy

Maintain your energy and maximize your workout with these guilt-free snacks. Exercise is one of the best things you can do...


What Supercentenarians Eat to Live Long

Supercentenarians (generally people who live past 110) almost always get asked what kind of foods they eat.  But if you expect...


How to Tailor Post-Workout Nutrition to Your Goals

Go-to foods to optimize your body’s regeneration after a workout. The food you consume is just as important as exercise for...

Game Changers

A Quest to Change the Food Industry for Good

Tom Bilyeu gave up a successful career in the tech world to do something much bigger.


Eight Inspirational Celebrity
Weight-Loss Transformations

More than half of the American population wants to lose weight, according to data from a Gallup poll. Weight loss is...


Eat more nuts

The evidence that nuts are life extenders continues to mount.  Dutch researchers have found that a handful of peanuts per day...


Are carbs making us uglier?

How our ancestral switch from a Paleolithic diet of meat to one based on carbs hasn’t just made us less healthy.

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Nine Things that Play into Being Healthy

A nutritionist tells 24Life why “Healthy” is more than just what you eat and drink.


The Top 8 Foods to Boost Your Energy

Author and former professional Ironman Brendan Brazier shares his favorite healthy foods.

Game Changers

Eat Your Carbs Last

The order in which you eat your food may affect your post-meal blood sugar and insulin levels.

Game Changers


Dark chocolate may be as beneficial for your training as beetroot juice.

Game Changers

The Skinny on Carbs: Five Rules You Should Break

There’s plenty of evidence that carbohydrates are essential to brain function as well as strength and conditioning. But anyone who’s tried...


Does When You Eat Matter?

Meal timing, along with the content of the meal, is often the focus of many weight-loss plans. And in sports, nutrient...