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Game Changers

Build a Better Brain, Build a Better Life

Meet the man who’s superhero to some of the brightest minds in business and entertainment.


The Art of Resolve

You know the joke: February 1st rolls around and people ask how your New Year’s Resolution is going. Scanning your memory...


Tips for a Healthy Mind

Every January, people around the world flock to gyms to start a new fitness routine. But as you’re getting your body...


How It Works: The Diaphragm

Breathing is one of our most basic functions. The nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissue work together to control the...


Getting It Done and Loving Life

You can’t expect a different 2016, if you bring the habits that disempowered you in 2015. 24Life recently joined David Allen to discuss productivity as a lifestyle practice.

Game Changers

Inside Meditation

Meditation is everywhere these days — celebrities, business people, politicians and even entire sports teams are reaping the benefits of this...

Game Changers

Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Mood

You are what you eat has never rung more true. The idea of the microbiome — a fancy name for our...


Brain Boosters

OILY FISH like salmon and tuna aren’t only good for your heart — they’re rich in the omega-3 fatty acid DHA,...


Playing the Imitation Game: Success through Modeling

Amanda would love to be more fit than she is. A trainer at her gym suggests a particular group class, but...