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The First Functional Fitness

It’s “the basics of human movement.” Dan Edwardes is turning conventional wisdom about parkour (also known as freerunning) on its head.


Workout: As Young As You Feel

At a certain point, the body you’re in might not quite match how you feel inside (admit it — if you’re...



For a long time, science believed that the adult brain was incapable of growth. When brain tissue was damaged or destroyed,...


Summer Weight-Loss Workout

You had planned to have started that green smoothie habit, the 10,000 steps daily and the booty-blasting beach workout to reach...


Care For Your Core

Summer gives you every reason to bare your midriff and move your body in the sun. Expert Jill Miller, best-selling author...


#Year Of You Phase 2

Eight weeks into #YearofYou Phase 1, and how do you feel? Bold? Bendy? Better? How is your sleep? Are the workouts...


Stretch Your Definition of Flexibility

When you think flexibility, images of ballerinas, gymnasts and yogis probably spring to mind. But flexibility isn’t just for those who...