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For This Trainer, Health Beats Wealth

Jack Goldberg was interviewing for a job in financial services, but he knew something wasn’t right. He could hear himself answer...


Restart Your Motivation With These Expert Tips

If COVID-19 has taught us nothing else, it has taught us the challenge and value of listening to ourselves. Perhaps nowhere...


From Right Hook to Group Flow: Meet Mike Rowe, Virtual Group Trainer

Just a few months ago, you might have been doing your best to keep up in a GX24 class with 24...


This Team USA Athlete Says Only You Can Stop You

Kelli Vandermoer is game for anything. The 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer, now a member of USA Rowing and a U.S....


Motion Creates Emotion—and That, This Instructor Says, Is Worth It

What would Sarah Alexander whisper in everyone’s ear if she could? The GX24 instructor, lifelong athlete and dancer says it’s five...


Make Every Day Game Day

Every day is a new chance to bring your best to whatever you’re doing, even in the off season and even...


This #FitSquad24 Influencer Won’t Let Anything Stop Her—And That Makes Fitness Worth It

Back in 2016 Ravon Hardy-Castillo (“Ray,” to her friends) spent three days in the hospital after not being able to use...


Trish Ignacio Wants Moms to Know the Confidence and Good Vibes Are Worth It

“I believe in authenticity,” says Trish Ignacio, 24 Hour Fitness influencer and personal trainer. And authenticity is exactly what draws in...


This Master Trainer Says Remember This to Make Your Sweat Session Worth It

Erica Johnson’s mother decided that a studio would be a more appropriate place for her toddler to dance rather than all...


This Fitness Manager Took His Own Advice—It Was Worth It

Many fitness journeys begin with a single goal to lose weight, but Vinh Duong started out with one objective that turned...


This GX24 Instructor Gets the Work You Did to Get In Here

If you’d asked 20 years ago why Richard James Oliver works out, he might have told you his goal was to...


Dr. James Chou Turns 100 and Shares His Tips For Longevity

Whether or not the century mark is your goal, you can’t go wrong with Dr. James Chou’s advice for a happy,...


Eight Tips For Better Sleep From Fitness Experts

The facts are in: Adequate sleep is crucial to crushing just about any other goal.


Got Goals? Tom Banicky’s Got Your Back

Baseball was Tom Banicky’s sport in college, but it did not take him long to decide on a new path when...


This GX24 Instructor Says There’s Always a Do-Over—and It’s Worth It

Christina Hartranft knows how it feels to face a rack of free weights or the GX studio door and wonder if...


New Year, New Advice From Top Social Media Fitness Influencers

Setting goals (at any time of the year) is always a sure way to make a real change in your life.


Yogi and Composer Daveed Adjian Says Take These Steps for Change

If you haven’t taken GX24 instructor Daveed Adjian’s yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness, you might have met him through his...


Love the Work: Jessica Kelley, Senior Director, HR and Organizational Transformation

Do you have to be a gym junkie to love working at 24 Hour Fitness? 24Life asked Jessica Kelley, senior director,...

Game Changers

GX24 Instructor Cat Brewer: Raising Awareness for Access to Entertainment

24 Hour Fitness GX24 instructor Cat Brewer has been rocking out at concerts since she was a little girl. Then, six...


Hands Up if You Want To Get More From Your High Knee Running

We all know that pumping your legs as you power through sets of high knee runs is a great way to...


These Two Women Challenged Fate by Putting Their Health First

What happens when life throws you a curveball? For Christa Mortimore, a personal trainer, and April Staubs, a member at 24...


For an Instructor and Two Members, One Class Turned into a Turbocharged Friendship

You know the feeling you get at a concert when that one song comes on and everyone in the building seems...


Kim Moore Gets Fit and More, From Her Zumba Class

GX24 instructor Kim Moore says she’s always been very athletic—and indeed, she’s had a well-rounded regimen, including team sports and dance....


Trainer, Client: Change Your Mind, Change Your Health

If anyone knows how to take a life-shattering event and claw, climb and fight their way back from it, it’s Victoria...


Dennis Fanucchi: “It’s Never Too Late for Fitness”

Dennis Fanucchi didn’t touch a weight until he was 54. Now a bodybuilder at 75, we asked him to share insights about his fitness transformation.

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The Spirit of the Olympics: Real Stories from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

While those of us watching the Olympic Games at home may get the benefit of close-ups and slow-motion replays, there’s so...

Game Changers

Eyes on the Prize: A Blind U.S. Paralympian and Personal Trainer Sees No Limits

“One of the things that separates a good athlete from a great athlete is the ability to see beyond limits.” Before...


Take a Stand for Yourself

Can we use our bodies to positively influence our minds? Harvard professor and best-selling author Amy Cuddy has captured attention worldwide...


A track record with champions

Those dumbbells, balls, bands and benches at your local 24 Hour Fitness are just like the ones that Team USA uses....


You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Feel Financial Abundance

Financial Freedom and abundance doesn’t just happen unless someone has created it for you. Here are the three practices that you...