Jorge Cruise says you don’t have to sacrifice fun for results.

Summer is for letting loose but not for losing sight of your goals or losing ground on your progress. To make the best of the season, and stay true to your fitness goals, you have to think out of the box and mash up strategy and creativity for blockbuster results. Celebrity fitness coach Jorge Cruise answers 24Life readers’ questions and reveals how taking advantage of what summer offers can boost your health and happiness.

24Life: How do you get creative in your regimen without sacrificing results?

Jorge Cruise (JC): Creativity and passion go hand in hand, and you have to harness both to have a firm grasp on happiness. The balance of listening with intention and seeing with clarity is a powerful combination to challenge yourself to be your best self. And collaboration is my favorite way to ignite my creativity. So my best ideas come from listening to others—and voicing my dreams to lead to something greater than I could even imagine.

24Life: Summer is here, and I want to have fun and enjoy life. How do I do that without blowing my diet?

JC: No need to feel limited! Fill up on foods high in volume and low in calories. You can be tiny and stay full—it’s all about choosing the right food. Lucky for us, summer is the perfect season to be kind to our waistlines. When it’s hot, we want cool foods. Opt for fresh greens, watermelon radishes and jicama for a refreshing salad. Add cucumber and mint to your water, and don’t forget to snack on rejuvenating slices of watermelon or a handful of fresh berries when you’re on the go.

24Life: I’m making progress and starting to see results from my workouts and my routine. But I. Am. Bored. I do cardio and weights, so what can I do to spice up my workout routine?

JC: Take advantage of the weather and get outside. Grab some friends to play a game of soccer or go running in the park. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to invigorate your daily routine. Get creative!

24Life: What is the scoop on alcohol, wine and cocktails? I want to have fun at summer parties, but can I have a drink and still get fit and be healthy?

JC: Definitely! Enjoy a cocktail, but remember moderation is key. My go-to drinks of choice are champagne or vodka with sparkling water. Feel free to add slices of cucumber, lime or grapefruit to make your cocktail chic. Cheers!