Seize the summer! If longer days and warmer weather inspire you, you’ve probably got a “bucket list:” things to explore, discover, achieve or conquer before summer’s over.

If you don’t have a bucket list because last year’s is still stuck on the refrigerator door, check out these 24 ideas from 24 Hour Fitness team members who work with people of all ages and fitness abilities – including themselves.

Exercise is just one category on the list: you’ll find travel, risk-taking (from the mundane to the extreme), mindset and regeneration goals.


  • Go for an adrenaline rush – Going skydiving.
  • Do something outside your comfort zone – My first ultra marathon.
  • Try something new – Hiking at least 20 trails I’ve never run before.
  • Learn something new – Learning to surf, learning to play the violin.
  • Choose a fitness goal and make a plan to achieve it – become your best version of you – Training now for soccer season starting in late August.
  • Make healthy choices – Experimenting with healthy recipes and cooking classes, being consistent about being gluten- and dairy-free.
  • Read for self-development – Reading “Think and Grow Rich,” “4 Hour Work Week,” “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind,” “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook,” “4 Hour Body.”
  • Set yourself a challenge or new goal – Aiming to be the fastest girl in my running group; landscaping my 1 acre backyard.
  • Travel alone or with friends – Getting a passport and using it, going to Alaska, Hawaii, Guatemala, eating through Philly.
  • Try a different style of group workout – Trying hot yoga, PiYo.
  • Do stuff with friends and family – Teaching my 1-year-old son to swim; golfing with my dad.
  • Get consistent about your workout – Getting consistent while enjoying summer.
  • Have fun – Going to Disneyland.
  • Enjoying each day or each moment – Doing more color runs with the family and obstacle course races.
  • Change the scenery for your workout – Taking workout outside with exercise bands wrapped around my waist, my running shoes on and my wrist/ankle weights (water bottle in my fanny pack, of course).
  • Ditch the electronics – Spending time with family without the iPad, phone, etc.
  • Do “it” before it goes on your “I should have” list – Climbing to the top of Mailbox Peak (Wash.) and signing my name in the book. I went with a friend once and it got dark, so we had to turn around.
  • Improve your nutrition – Making it a habit while it’s easier, before the holidays arrive.
  • Celebrate your hard work (outside) – Getting a summer body – it’s not too late!
  • Move – Walking outside, in the neighborhood or the park.
  • Reflect (on your walk) – Finding a new place to explore (reflection could happen).
  • Do work that satisfies you – Getting advanced certification for working with seniors; learning Spanish to better serve our customers.
  • Relax – Relaxing on the beach.
  • Make this summer better than the last.