Cassey Ho, fitness star and creator of Blogilates, believes in stretching herself. Despite earning a biology degree with honors and bound for a career in medicine, Ho discovered her true passion was Pilates, as she taught part-time through school.

Fast-forward to today: Ho’s YouTube workouts have been viewed over 200 million times, she’s launched into the world of activewear and is becoming a media sensation through features in People and SHAPE and appearances on Dr. Oz and other programs. Always pushing the boundaries of her chosen fitness discipline and challenging her own business acumen, Ho told 24Life, “I’m most passionate about constant growth in myself and in others. Whether that’s in business, in knowledge, in exercise or whatever — I never want to stop learning!”

She added, “I always tell people to always act like they are no. 2, never no. 1. Why? Because the moment you think you’re on top, you’ve stopped striving to be better and you’ve stopped trying to be humble. That’s a success killer. I will forever be a student with an open mind and a hungry soul.”

So it’s no surprise that Ho is blazing a new trail in the world of Pilates — with pop music. Ho loves music and decided it would be fun to give Pilates “a little boost.” Her students have found the result, POP Pilates, is a fun, intense and fluid workout for all levels and fitness abilities — and it will debut this fall at 24 Hour Fitness with a special challenge designed by Cassey Ho just for members.

In the spirit of stretching yourself, 24Life presents another challenge developed by Ho just for her devotees: The Stretch Project. Check out 30 days of different stretches below, and watch Ho explain the Stretch Project in detail in this video.