The facts:

  • Sacrificing sleep to “get more done” damages your brain.
  • Stress appears to shorten telomeres, the ends of our genes that in turn control cellular aging.
  • The brain’s gray matter atrophies as we age—unless we do something to grow it.
  • Research has shown meditation can reduce stress and helps grow our neural networks.

The challenge: Non-stop schedules (and brains amped up on social media and caffeine) that don’t have room for meditation. Or do they?

Give Emily Fletcher 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, and she just might convince you otherwise. Fletcher’s new book “Stress Less, Accomplish More” (William Morris, 2019) lays out significant scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation, and the Z Technique, a practice derived from her Ziva Meditation Technique used by thousands of high-performance professionals and everyday students.

If that sounds interesting, you can attend the book launch party at Wanderlust Hollywood (in Los Angeles) on Tuesday, March 5, 2019—and meditate with Fletcher, receive a complimentary copy of her book and enjoy musical and spoken word entertainment. Learn more about the performance benefits of meditation and more in the March issue of 24Life.