Spring cleaning shouldn’t only take place in your closet. Our minds and bodies are also important areas we need to refresh and declutter with the changing of the seasons.

Candice Kumai is a renowned wellness writer and celebrity chef who’s been dubbed “the golden girl of the wellness world.” She also just released a new book, “Kintsugi Wellness” (Harper Collins, April 2018), celebrating the art of Japanese wellness and cooking practices. So of course, we asked Kumai to share her tips for spring cleaning the body, through movement, mindset and nourishment.

Here are three simple practices she uses to prepare her body, mind and soul for spring.

Meditate and stretch

The practice of meditation will reset you, even if only done for one minute, says Kumai. And, the best part about meditation, is that you can meditate anywhere. “I love meditating in nature,” says Kumai. “Find your local garden this spring and take a few minutes out of your day to completely zen out and see how it feels.”

While stretching is a relatively common concept, it’s often overlooked. “The only way to build lean muscles is by stretching your muscles! Stretching is also very therapeutic,” adds Kumai. “I stretch and meditate each day; it is a priority!”

Love yourself

For Kumai, there’s no better way to spring clean out your life than to practice loving yourself. “Adopting sabi, the practice of accepting imperfections, will clean and clear out negative thoughts and self-harm, and lead you to your best spring yet,” she says.

Try new foods

“[Visit] your local Japanese store (I promise there are more than you know in your ‘hood!) and try something new,” says Kumai. “There is so much variety, flavor and cleansing properties in Japanese cuisine.”

And since the weather is warming, now is the best time to coordinate a picnic or spring brunch and share your new discoveries with your friends, adds Kumai.

Photo credit: Nilton Oliveria, Unsplash; Courtesy of Candice Kumai