Summer is right around the corner—the weather is warming up, and pretty soon, it’ll be shorts and swimsuit season.

We asked celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise, who was recently on an episode of “The Doctors” with friend and client Brooke Burke, to share a few of his top tips for slimming down for summer.

Here are five of his tips:

Tip 1: Sweat it out

“If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. Go to the sauna and drink lots of water!”

Tip 2: Practice intermittent fasting

“Try a 16-hour fast, eight-hour eating window. Make sure when you are eating, it is 50 percent fat, 20 percent protein and 30 percent carbs—all anti-inflammatory foods.”

Tip 3: Pick up the cardio

HIIT is what I recommend whether training for a marathon or just to stay toned. It is shown to build up the mitochondria, your cells’ batteries. The more charged up, the better. It will give you a great workout [and] can be done on a treadmill or even outdoors. It’s a mix of one minute of high-intensity to one minute of low-intensity moves.”

Tip 4: Make healthy eating and being active a lifestyle

“Do it all year long. More energy, less stress, feel good and look good.”

Tip 5: Cut back on carbs 

“I love tossed-together meals that can be put together in a minute or two since I don’t have much time. I love healthy shakes as a quick and easy go-to. They can help you save time by just adding water. I’m launching my own healthy fat shake this summer. It’s full of fat (to help suppress appetite), protein and carbs. Go to to learn more and be alerted when our products are out this summer!”

Photo credit: Pedro Araujo, Unsplash