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Seven Workouts for Seven Moods

By 24Life

When a mood strikes, oftentimes it’s difficult to shake it off and get back to the task or day at hand. Whether you’re angry, nervous or riddled with excitement, there’s no mood a great sweat session can’t help shake or soothe.

Here are seven workouts to do when you can’t seem to get out of a funk or shake a feeling.

Mood: Nervous/Anxious

A high-energy, high-intensity cardio circuit will help you burn off all that nervous energy or anxiety so you can get back to your day ready to face whatever comes.

Mood: Frustrated/Angry

Need to blow off some steam and put all that frustration and anger into a pump session? This six-move circuit will get your blood pumping even faster than it already is so you can sweat it out and shrug it off.

Mood: Exhausted/Run-Down

If you’re feeling run-down and low on energy, this yoga flow will stretch out your tired muscles and give your mind time to rest, recover and relax.

Mood: Excited

The feeling of trying something new is always exciting. If you’ve never tried Tabata, channel your excitement into this fun, high-intensity interval training workout.   

Mood: Social

Grab your friend, partner or workout buddy and double up the fun with this two-person workout. Social hour just got a little sweatier—and a lot more fun!

Mood: Fierce

You’re in the club (gym, that is) and you’re feeling yourself. So grab a kettlebell and show off your fierce, strong side with this total-body workout.

Mood: Optimistic/Hopeful

If you woke up feeling like today is your day and you’re ready to get after it, make sure it’s a win with this workout that will leave you ready to conquer and crush your goals.

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