Scroll through actor, singer and social media influencer Javon Alvin’s (@javonalvin) Instagram, and you’ll notice a few things. First, he’s in great shape. Second, he works hard—at everything. But he also knows how to have fun.

So what’s his secret to staying motivated? “I give myself a little slack on the weekends as an incentive to have zero room for comfort during the week,” says Alvin.

We asked Alvin to share a workout with us made up of five (or fewer) moves. He gave us this killer workout move that we’re guessing helped him strengthen and sculpt his core and arms. Add it into your next workout routine and get ready to sculpt and sweat.

“Let’s get it,” as Alvin would say.

Javon’s killer workout move

What you’ll need:

  • Bosu ball
  • TRX Suspension Trainer


  • Place your feet laces-down in TRX straps.
  • Place a Bosu ball under your chest, rounded side facing the ground.
  • Perform push-ups on the Bosu ball as you do mountain climbers (alternate driving your knees to your chest) with your feet in TRX straps.

Trust us, if it sounds hard, that’s because it is.

“I look at this workout as a core stimulant for a little upper-body strength work, but primarily for endurance,” says Alvin.

“If someone is trying this move for the first time or is not as advanced yet, I recommend three to four timed sets of 30 seconds so that the individual can keep track of progress and how many they are able to do.”

Once you’ve mastered it, Alvin recommends performing four to five sets of this move until failure.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Javon Alvin