A day in Robyn Youkilis’ life begins with her daughter, and that’s where the predictability ends. “I have a child who never wakes up at the same time!” the celebrity health coach, author and speaker says. Youkilis tries to meal prep, do some meditation, journaling or read a little until her daughter wakes up (if she isn’t up already). For Youkilis, it’s important to be present and focused on her daughter so that breakfast is a time of connection.

If her morning begins with her daughter, Youkilis at least practices a “morning minute,” taking a few deep breaths. Then she’ll have her own breakfast and matcha creation, exercise and head to the office for coaching, or media interviews, or writing for her blog or newsletter, or strategy and planning for her business.

When she can, she spends some more quality time with her daughter before she makes a simple dinner with her husband like bean pasta with kale and jarred tomato sauce, or a stir-fry. After her daughter’s bedtime routine, Youkilis might take an infrared sauna or watch something and then get to bed at a reasonable time.

Throughout the day, she’s checking in with her gut: “Hey, intuition. Hi. What do I need to do with this?” or “What would feel supportive in this moment?” She says her day doesn’t look that different from most people’s days, except for how much intention and alignment she tries to bring to it.

She also dispels the idea of perfection. “Some days are sh***y. Sometimes I can get myself back and sometimes I can’t, and that’s OK,” she says. Youkilis observes that wellness professionals put a lot of pressure on themselves, thinking, “Well, I do all this work, so everything should feel magical.” She says, “That’s just not the case. And the more that I can give myself a break around that, the more things feel in flow.”

24Life asked Youkilis to share her personal truths around stress, health rituals and more. Here’s what she had to say.

Who or what inspires you?

Honestly, nature inspires me. Sounds cheesy, but.

How do you deal with stress?

I see what’s really going on. Did I work out that day? If I didn’t, the stress probably isn’t real. And if I did already do that and I still feel stressed, again, it’s how could this feel easier? What’s really bothering me here?

Any go-to rituals that keep you healthy?

My fork just goes right in the jar of fermented, probiotic sauerkraut. It has to be raw and fermented, not stuff on the shelf.

If you only have 24 minutes to move, what do you do?

Oh, I love LEKfit. She’s a woman in Los Angeles and has now become a friend, but she does these online streaming workouts and in-person classes, and they’re amazing.

Favorite podcast?

I listen to so many of them. I love “That’s So Retrograde.” I love those girls.

And food or drink you can’t live without?

Drink, kombucha. I love super strong cheddars or smelly cheese. I just love cheese.

A message to the world or mantra to share?

Just go with your gut.

Best advice you ever got?

Life is a long time.

Photo credit: Ellen Silverman; Caitlin Mitchell Studio