When Selden McCabe was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2010, he began a drug regimen with potential to extend his life. He also tackled other aspects of his health. By 2014, he’d made progress on his goal to lose weight, but he had plateaued and still suffered arthritis pain in his knees, hips and back that limited his ability to join family activities and made his world seem smaller.

That’s when a new shopping center opened across the street from his house, and he decided to join the new 24 Hour Fitness La Costa Super Sport. He brought a willingness to start, and personal trainer Kara Pearlman brought a focus on movement quality.

That was a good thing, from McCabe’s perspective, and not only for his physical wellbeing. “There was a lot of laughing,” he says, as he got reacquainted with posture and alignment. Then it struck him: “This is a gigantic playground!…That’s why I come here!” Watch McCabe’s transformation and catch Pearlman trying to put an age on his newfound energy and enthusiasm.