Spontaneity can derail a plan, but restrictions can undercut your long-term commitment.

Vol-3-Issue-3-Lifestyle-Nourish-FIK-2-Jorge_Fun_PhotoThe best intentions can fail miserably if they are not backed by a plan and put into action. Strategy is everything. And execution depends on it. Celebrity fitness expert and best-selling author Jorge Cruise answers readers’ questions on how to create a plan that has your back.

24Life: Should I create a weekly eating plan to support my goals, or should I just listen to my body each day for what to eat?

Jorge Cruise (JC): I always tell my clients proper preparation prevents poor performance. I recommend sticking to a weekly eating plan like my nutrition plan Tiny and Full. Tiny and Full substitutes low-calorie dense foods such as fruits and vegetables for high-calorie dense foods so that you can manage hunger while consuming fewer calories. I always tell my clients to make all their meals for the week on Sundays and store them in your refrigerator throughout the week so that eating is convenient and healthy.

24Life: How do you prepare for your workouts? What is your favorite warm-up, and do you have a power song or app that helps motivate you?

JC: Before a workout, I always make sure I eat a snack like a banana or an apple with a full glass of water. My pre-workout warm-up includes rolling on a foam roller, toe touches, high knees and walking lunges. If I’m short on time, I’ll do some stretching and then a three-minute power walk on the treadmill. I warm up using Apple Music on my Apple Watch. Right now, I’m listening to The Weeknd’s new album, and the song “Starboy” always gets me going.

24Life: I’d like to clean up my diet this spring. What is the most essential thing I should cut out of my diet? 

JC: I’m not a fan of cutting portions or putting restrictions on food groups because that’s not sustainable over time. If you are looking to clean up your diet, I would suggest cutting back on dairy in the morning and sticking to a plant-based breakfast such as oatmeal or avocado toast paired with a pea protein shake. Instead of cutting back on food groups, try thinking of foods in terms of size and calories. You can eat one chocolate chip cookie for 100 calories or 25 strawberries. Which would fill you up more? The strawberries will because they are bigger in size than one small cookie. Stick to foods that are low in calories but big in size such as fruits, vegetables, soups, rice, lean proteins and legumes.

24Life: What is a great on-the-go snack for my spring strength workouts?

JC: I always recommend a banana and a plant-based protein shake, but if you are working out in the morning, go for oatmeal and an apple to fuel you up with complex carbohydrates so that you can burn more calories.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock, sarsmis