Get over these mental roadblocks that hinder you from getting to the gym.

There are a million ways to talk yourself out of going to the gym. If these are among your go-to excuses, 24Life has a few tricks to remedy them.

You’re self-conscious

Working out in a crowd of fit people who know exactly what they’re doing can be super intimidating. But don’t let your own self-consciousness get in the way of achieving your best body.

If you aren’t in the best shape, remember even that ripped girl with the washboard abs has her problem areas

To get your confidence up, schedule your workouts during your gym’s off-peak hours. Call and ask what hours are the least busy. By going to the gym during a slow time you’ll have a little more privacy and feel like you have fewer eyes on you.

You don’t know how to use the equipment

You might be intimidated about going to the gym if you’re unsure of how to use the equipment. For the record, no one is born knowing how to use a chest press machine. Take solace in the fact that every single person in the gym has been in your shoes at point on another.

If you’re afraid to even approach that machine with the complicated pulley system, it’s well worth the money to book a few sessions with one of the gym’s personal trainers. They can help you assess your goals and develop a plan to achieve them, while also showing you how to use all of the necessary equipment. After a few sessions with a trainer, you’ll be comfortable to approach those machines on your own.

You’re too busy

Between work, shuttling the kids around, getting dinner on the table and social obligations, your calendar is full. You may think you don’t have time for the gym. But consider the other things you don’t have time for: being sick, feeling sluggish because of extra weight and developing ailments like Type-2 diabetes.

A regular workout routine can help you not only look your best, but also feel you best. Regular workouts help you maintain optimal health, boost immunity, increase your energy levels, sleep better and even improve your sex drive, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How can you squeeze in time to work out in an already busy day? The same way you do everything else: schedule it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends this strategy to help even the busiest people make time to exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. If you work close to your gym, go work out on your lunch break or exercise before or after work.

You’re unmotivated

It can be helpful to reframe how you think of working out. Instead of thinking of it as a chore, think of it as some much deserved “me time.” Make it something you really look forward to by bringing headphones and loading your smartphone with your favorite music, podcast or even an audiobook.

Another way to deal with this hurdle is to take motivation out of the equation altogether. Make the gym non-negotiable — an automatic decision that doesn’t require motivation to make happen at all. This will make your trip to the gym more “daily routine” and less “take it one day at a time.” Once you’ve kept solid habits for a few weeks, it will become second nature. You may even be surprised by how much you find yourself looking forward to your time at the gym.

You’re not athletic

If you think working out is just for athletic people, think again. The beauty of fitness is that anyone can take part. Look around your gym and you’ll likely see people of all ages and body types doing a wide variety of activities.

The trick is to find your niche. Perhaps you’ll never enjoy doing a circuit of weights on your own, but you’ll love the camaraderie of a BodyPump group class. You may be bored on the treadmill but love an indoor cycling class or doing some solo cardio on a rowing machine. Step outside your comfort zone and try new things until you find the workout that suits you best. Even if you trip on your two left feet in Zumba, you’ll be in good company with others — athletic and non-athletic alike.

Whatever your excuse may be, remember that moving your body will do you a world of good and you will be so happy you did it. Lace up and go!


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