Fear often keeps us from taking chances, from becoming who we’re meant to be. It holds us back and stops us from reaching our goals.

Usually, when we’re face to face with fear, we fight against it, and it gets the better of us. Instead of fighting against it, we should actually face it and embrace it so we can reach our full potential instead of letting fear limit us.

Face the fear factor

Fear is a part of who we are, and we can never get rid of it altogether. It’s always something that will come back.

The trick is to accept it instead of casting it out because that’s when fear starts to lose its power. If you’re wondering how to do that (and I know you’re curious), keep on reading!

How to overcome fear in three simple steps

  1. Acknowledge it.

Fear will happen to you at one point or another. There’s no escaping that fact no matter how hard you try. Instead of trying to get rid of it or even avoiding it entirely, welcome it as if it were an old friend. You’ve spent too long avoiding it and being in denial of it. The first step toward a truthful you is admitting you have a fear.

  1. Embrace it.

Think of fear as someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. Invite fear into your home and embrace it; make it feel loved. Imagine how you would feel if somebody who’s been shunning you for years and acting like you didn’t exist all of a sudden said, “Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come!”

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your fear, talk it out. Fear always wants to talk about something, like the way you’ll look in that dress or what people will think about you. Think about the worst thing that could happen, but don’t let that thought stay there.

  1. Release it.

Once you’ve thought through the worst-case scenarios, let fear go and thank it for teaching you a lesson. You can now look forward to the excitement of doing something rather than focusing on the fear of it because you no longer have that fear.

Do this exercise anytime you’re scared to do something. Fear is a part of life, and I know you have what it takes to turn it into something positive and a unique part of you.

Photo credit: Alexei Scutari, Unsplash