Just ahead of Pride weekend, we asked Montgomery Nicholas (@montomerynicholasla) singer, model, husband to Noah Wright (@noahwright88), founder of Magari Skin Care and 24 Hour Fitness social media influencer and partner for his perspective on LGBTQ+ and the fitness industry. Here’s what he had to say.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how do you experience the fitness industry?

We are all a community showing up to better ourselves, this does not have a gender or orientation … but rather a common goal to be the best versions of ourselves. The fitness industry and people in it have always felt like family; giving me the encouragement and motivation I need to continue growing.

Any words of wisdom to share with other LGBTQ+ individuals who are interested in fitness?

The LGBTQ+ community can seem overwhelming and intimidating since fitness is a huge part. I struggled with being self-conscious when first beginning my fitness journey, and feeling that I was going to be judged for not being on the same “level” as others. I came to realize the total opposite [was true]. Our community is supportive and encourages people from all walks of fitness, whether beginning or a veteran, to show up and give your best. Everyone was once a beginner at one point, so tie those laces … you got this!

What’s your take on Pride?

Pride is not something to just celebrate once a month, but every day. We are a family tied together by love and we celebrate how each and everyone of us are beautifully made. Let that resonate in everything you do, whether it’s exploring a new hobby, wanting to start your fitness journey, or any endeavor you choose … you’re already amazing. Believe it.

Photos courtesy of Montgomery Nicholas with Noah Wright