If you’re used to setting big, hairy, audacious goals, then 2020 might have put you in the mood for something different in 2021. Adaptability and flexibility were, and are, accomplishments as well as character traits. And even the New York Times suggests making resolutions attainable.

Your goal for 2021 might simply be to move more, and we applaud that. And if you need some inspo to get you thinking about a fitness resolution, here are some of our favorites.

The do-over

If you feel like you’re starting out, well, back from the starting line, then consider making mastery your goal. These 20 moves are the ones to master to do something good for your body as well as strengthen your confidence.

The new chapter

Young man practicing Upward Facing Dog PoseDoes every year start with the same resolution? Choose another! Here are seven plans for seven goals—if you’re always trying to build muscle, see what happens when you make mobility your target. Always trying to lose weight? Find out how it feels to target performance.

The boredom-buster

2020 really challenged us to find new ways to feel connection and a sense of vitality. But there’s no need to mourn the absence of a treadmill in your life. This workout is optimized to put you in the zone to burn fat and banish boredom, as well.

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