If you’re a Zumba lover (#thatsme), then you probably dream of dancing every day away. But since that’s not realistic for a lot of us, the next best thing is to watch other people dancing and doing their thing, right?

Maybe we shouldn’t admit this, but we’ve caught ourselves in a serious dance-wormhole on Instagram on more than one occasion. We’re not saying you should follow our lead—but we’re not not saying it, either.

Just ahead, we’ve rounded up some awesome Instagram accounts of Zumba instructors all over the world that you should follow right now to satisfy your daily dance daydreams. These instructors are legitimate, and we can’t get enough. So, you’re welcome!

Alix Pfunder

Mauricio Camargo

Jonathan Benoit

Henry Cedeño

Ecem Özcan Kuntay

William Flores

Didem Zeybek

Marlon Alves

Seluco Fernandez

Rikka Vinazco

And if you don’t already follow the well-known Zumba stars below, then you’re definitely going to want to see them pop up on your feed every day, too. (Peace out, #fomo!)

Gina GrantDahrio WonderLoretta BatesKass MartinSteve BoedtBetsy Dopico

This article originally appeared on zlife.zumba.com.

Photo credit: Chad Madden, Unsplash