This month, start healthy habits or even rally around the search for a cure for breast cancer.

Did you know that breast cancer is the the most common cancer diagnosed in women, and is the leading cause of death by cancer in Hispanic women? And while the majority of breast cancer cases are women, male breast cancer is rare, but does occur. This year, roughly 2,400 men were projected to be diagnosed with breast cancer. If detected early enough, the five-year survival rate of breast cancer can be as high as 100 percent.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here are five simple lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent breast cancer, and ways to donate to the cause and help find a cure.

Preventative measures you can take

Here are five lifestyle changes you can make to help prevent breast cancer.


One of the most common—and preventable—causes of breast cancer is obesity. Set a regular exercise routine. This will not only help you maintain a healthy body weight, but exercise helps boost your immune system, too.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy will also help you maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid excessively fatty foods, as fat stimulates the production of estrogen, which can help tumors grow.

Get yearly mammograms, and do frequent self-exams

Checkups with a doctor can help in early detection of suspicious lumps or tumors. But yearly won’t always cut it—perform self-exams regularly.

Stop smoking and excessive drinking

These habits can up your risk of developing breast cancer, as well as other common diseases (lung cancer, heart disease). Secondhand smoke is also a known cause of breast cancer.

Lower your stress levels

Keep your stress levels in check, as high stress can lead to a lowered immune system, creating opportunities for cancer cells to form in the body.

How you can help others


Want to support those searching for a cure to breast cancer, but unsure where to give? Charity Watch and Charity Navigator are helpful resources for finding an organization to support.

Dance for a good cause

If you want to do more than just donate, Zumba is hosting its annual Party in Pink Zumbathon charity event throughout the month of October. Find an event near you, and get your groove (and give) on.

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