GX24 instructor Kim Moore says she’s always been very athletic—and indeed, she’s had a well-rounded regimen, including team sports and dance. It was when she began teaching fitness classes at parks, recreation centers and gyms that she also came to appreciate the sense of community that goes with working hard, together.

Moore keeps feeding her passion alongside her professional career by teaching Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness. “It was a true blessing to start working at the 24 Hour Fitness Manhattan Beach Super-Sport club [in California] in 1998,” Moore says. “I love our members’ determination, passion and commitment to their health—and their consistency in coming to my classes.”

Moore loves to see her class participants’ smiling faces, but little did the instructor know what more could be in store. She still remembers when she met John Spencer, almost 10 years ago at another 24 Hour Fitness location in Southern California.

“I met John in my Zumba class at the Hawthorne location,” she recalls. “John is our front row ‘divo,’ always in the front row of class with a big smile, rain or shine, and he always gives 100 percent. Although he has special needs, we communicate clearly through music and fitness. He pushes me to be a better instructor and to see the beauty in everyone.”

Spencer’s energy is infectious. “I can count on one hand the number of times John has missed class in 10 years, and class is not the same when he doesn’t show up,” Moore says.

In fact, when Moore has the choice to bring a guest to a Zumba master class for instructors, she thinks of Spencer first “because I know he likes to have fun, and everyone in attendance will have fun!”

Moore says she often encourages Spencer to become a Zumba instructor since he loves Zumba more than anyone she knows.

She adds, “I am grateful for our friendship, and Zumba would not be the same without John!”