We know grown-ups spend a lot of time sitting — but did you know kids today are spending 85 to 90 percent of their waking hours sitting: at school, doing homework, driving to and from school, and in front of the TV, computer or video games?

Stand Up Kids! aims to reverse that trend, one school desk at a time — for the good of kids’ bodies and minds. According to co-founders Juliet and Kelly Starrett (co-author of The New York Times bestsellers “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and “Ready to Run”), “Children cannot learn unless they can move, and studies show that kids are 12 percent more engaged when standing. That’s 45 minutes more learning per school day.”

Just as important, Juliet Starrett notes that standing desks offer a simple and elegant solution to reduce potential for orthopedic injuries and disease caused by sitting too much — and research shows kids burn up to 35 percent more calories at a standing desk, too.