You live in a world that’s constantly on the move, so you need technology that can keep up. The latest phones and computers allow you to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. You’ve successfully “hooked up” your home, so even the most routine tasks are enhanced by technology like your app-controlled cleaning devices and laundry timers, for example. Much of your life is already improved by technology, but what about your exercise regimen?

The cliché reason for not working out consistently is lack of time—too busy, too overbooked, too last minute. But in a world where technology intersects every aspect of modern life, optimizes your schedule and offers the potential to give you hours back during your day, lack of time no longer cuts it as a valid excuse for skipping your workout session.

How can technology help you maintain a results-driven exercise practice without slowing down other aspects of your life?

Use a wearable

Watches, jewelry such as rings and bracelets, and even smart clothing can enhance your workout goals by reducing the time needed to switch from work mode to workout mode. In fact, wearables make working out a part of your day rather than a separate event that requires special preparation and time allotment. The reminder of your step goal or how long you’ve been sedentary goes a long way to helping you maintain exercise consciousness all day long. Research suggests that changing your behavior to consider working out and exercising as fundamental to your day as say brushing your teeth can have a profound impact on exercise efficiency and increased quality of life.

Explore fitness apps

A fitness app could be exactly what you need to achieve that performance edge with tailored, personalized workouts specific to your goals that you can do at the gym or at home, anytime. Push notifications can enhance performance further by offering recaps of your workouts, tips for success and motivational reminders.

Mindfulness on the go

In a world that focuses on performance, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the psychology behind working out and how it can impact your results. It’s important to maintain a mindful outlook on life, especially when you’re on the move. Without remembering to be mindful, it’s easy to get off track and lose sight of your goals and bigger plans.

Using a meditation technique can be one of the most powerful tools to have in your back pocket when it comes to getting rid of stress and anxiety. My favorite mindfulness practice is called micro-meditation.

This practice uses meditation throughout the day for just a minute or two at a time to help ground and center yourself in the middle of a busy day or schedule. With a little practice, this powerful technique can help you find space to reconnect within no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Use the prompts below to help guide you:

Find a quiet space. Perhaps this is your car or your back yard. Look for a space with minimal noise that will limit distractions so you can focus on connecting within.

Close your eyes and breathe. Here, you will close your eyes and focus in on your breathing. Begin to deepen each inhale and slow each exhale. Do this methodically, over and over again, and focus on each and every breath.

Go to a safe place. In your mind, go to a safe place, a place that feels comfortable, calm, serene. Maybe this is a garden you used to go to with a loved one, the beach or a room in your home. The easiest way to find a safe space for your micro-meditation is to think of a place you’ve been where you’ve experienced a great sense of calmness. Notice what sounds you hear, what you see, what you smell and what the temperature feels like. Allow this to be your safe place and return often in times of stress or anxiety.

Tap into your emotions. Next, you will want to tap into the emotions of your body and the energy you want to experience and cultivate. Here, you will really want to process through these emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Take your time. Spend as long as you need in this space. When you’re ready to return, take a deep inhale and exhale, slowly open your eyes and give thanks for the space to ground yourself.

The takeaway

Technology has advanced the fitness industry for the better, allowing you to make exercise and working out as fundamental to your day as eating breakfast or going to work. As a society constantly on the move, you can adopt technology to support your exercise regimen as little or as much as you wish. The important take-away is to remember to be mindful about your goals and ensure you balance your technology enhancements with equal time of disconnectedness to support sufficient mindfulness and reflection.