Recovery and rest are incredibly important for our fitness and health. So we sat down with celebrity health and wellness expert Jorge Cruise, whose latest book “The Cruise Control Diet” (Ballantine Books) dropped on April 2, to ask for his go-to recovery methods, tips and tricks.

What do your rest and recovery days look like?

My rest and recovery days are typically the weekends. Monday through Friday, I do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, so for me, the weekends are all about catching up on sleep and making sure I do things that include biohacking to help accelerate my recovery.

Some of my go-to recovery therapies include the following:

  • The Pulse Centers PEMF treatment. (I use this religiously to help rejuvenate my cells.)
  • My Joovv red light therapy.
  • My infrared sauna from Sunlighten.
  • The NanoVi. (This helps with cell recovery.)

These are all cutting-edge technologies for recovery. Of course, I get lots of sleep on the weekends, as well!

How do you recover after a workout?

I always work out in a fasted state in order to lose more belly fat. As a part of my Cruise Control method, recovery is all about breaking the fast by having my first meal at 1 p.m.—that meal is made up of 50 percent fats, 30 percent healthy carbs and 20 percent protein.

What are your favorite products for recovery?

  • Cruise Control shake – I have developed my own shake recipe that I love that is high in fat and collagen.
  • Hydrate – My second favorite way to recover is hydration; I use LyteShow, electrolyte-enhanced water.
  • Healthy fats – One of my other favorite products are the FBOMB products. I love using healthy fats to help control my hunger. They have delicious nut butters, as well.
  • Bone broth – I also love using collagen bone-broth soups from Kettle & Fire to help with joint support.

What movement or mindfulness methods do you use for recovery?

I love yoga. I have used it for stress management for years. I love Bikram yoga, which is 27 postures done in a very specific sequence. My favorite pose is Child’s Pose. It puts pressure on the third eye and relaxes me. I am currently working on a headstand and am almost there! Yoga helps a lot with flexibility and improving range of motion.

Meditation is something I’ve done my whole life because it helps me calm down. I have “patience” tattooed on my arm to remind me. My book “The 3 Choices” (Hay House, 2017) really shows how the power of breath highlights mindfulness, which is a form of meditation.

How do you mentally recover from failure?

One of the most important lessons I learned from Oprah [Winfrey] was that everything happens for a reason and to keep things simple. If I learn something’s a failure, I turn it into a lesson and try to find the glass half full. “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie teaches you how to embrace your reality and see it from a mindset that it’s empowering rather than disempowering—it’s been a godsend. She also has an app called The Work that I highly recommend if you don’t like reading.

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