Summer’s long days mean more daylight hours to make the most of your health and reach your fitness goals. So how do you set yourself up for success and create healthy habits to own your days and your week?

24Life asked celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise for some of his top tips and ways to own the day. Below, he’s sharing some key insights to hacking your health journey for the better.

  1. Know your goal

Know what your goal is. A lot of people don’t have direction and they wander around lost. You have to know what you want and check in on a regular basis. I tell my clients to weigh themselves every Monday to know whether their being productive and on track with their weight-loss goals. If you’re off course, you have to check in. A lot of people wander off because they don’t know where they are.

  1. Make it fun

The most important thing I share with my clients is make what you’re doing fun. If it’s not enjoyable and fun, you’ll never make it a lifestyle or a habit. Lifestyle is the key to making health last. That’s why it’s been my obsession to figure out how to hack health in a way that’s easy, fun and delicious. For example: working out. I’m known for my eight-minute workouts, which I created 20 years ago. It’s a fun, easy workout in just eight minutes, and it’s enjoyable!

  1. Work out in the morning

I prefer to work out in the morning. It’s the best because you’ll bolster your metabolism and have that last throughout the day. If you follow intermittent fasting, you’ll burn even more because working out in a fasted state burns more belly fat. Luckily with Cruise Control Fasting, you’ll never be hungry because I teach you how to cheat the fast with minerals and healthy fats.

  1. No excuses

In all my years, the things I can do anywhere are the best. No excuses. For me, I love doing a 60-second plank or using an ab roller for core.

  1. Meal prep

All my online clients get their meal planners on Friday nights, grocery shop for what they need Saturday and then prep on Sunday. Basically, they can prepare their whole week’s worth of meals in one sitting. It’s easy and convenient to have their meals ready. If they want to be quick, they will make the same meal for three nights; it makes it easier, and they choose the ones they love!

  1. Recovery is key

Hot therapy releases toxins—my favorite sauna is Sunlighten Saunas—and then I finish it off with an ice cold shower. I will try to do it a few times a night because it’s the best way to reduce inflammation, anxiety and manage stress. The heat will help you sleep at night, and the cold will help you tighten up and reduce inflammation.

Photo credit: PeopleImages, Getty Images