When it comes to nutrition and eating healthy, there is so much information out there and sometimes it can be hard to get all your questions answered.

24Life reached out to celebrity trainer and fitness expert Jorge Cruise, author of “The Cruise Control Diet,” to talk all things food, including spices, variety versus eating the same foods every day, and more.

24Life: What are your go-to favorite spices to make eating healthy more enjoyable, and how do you use them?

JC: My favorites are cumin, cinnamon, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and nutmeg. Cinnamon is one of my favorites to add to desserts like chia seed pudding or tea. I recommend it to all my celebrity clients as it’s anti-inflammatory, has no calories, doesn’t raise insulin and has a dessert-like vibe! My second favorite is garlic powder. This is also incredibly anti-inflammatory [and] boosts immune function, and I can use [it] in all my meals—meatballs, pasta or pizza. I sprinkle it on everything as it has great flavor! A lot of my clients love rice and pasta, and I recommend using this on top for an extra-strong and heated boost, making food less bland.

24Life: Variety of food versus eating the same thing every day—what are your thoughts on this?

JC: There are two points of view. My good friend Dr. Oz recommends to eat the same things as it’s good for meal prep, but certain people like variety. The latter is not as practical but can be delicious. I think it’s good to do a bit of both!

24Life: Any tips for getting more variety into my diet?

JC: Don’t be afraid to try new foods, whether it’s at a restaurant or you cook it. For me, I’m a big fan of actual books, not online recipes as they aren’t vetted. Find cookbooks that are good sources such as “The Keto Reset Cookbook” and my new book “The Cruise Control Diet.”

24Life: What tips or strategies do you have for sticking with healthy eating and making healthy choices when I go out to eat with friends or family, even when everyone else isn’t eating healthy?

JC: I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting because if you have two meals or one meal, you can have more variety and eat carbs. I cheat the fast with Cruise Control coffee in the morning, [which] lets my body fast. At the same time, I can indulge more often in the foods that you think may not be as healthy, such as pasta, pizza and burgers, so when I go out to eat, I’m not missing out.

24Life: I am so hungry but eating healthy when I get home can be so hard. Do you have any tips for eating healthy under pressure or after a long day at work?

JC: One of the tips I recommend to minimize hunger at night is to stay hydrated with the proper electrolytes during the day. I add Himalayan sea salt for potassium, magnesium and sodium to turn off hunger. When it comes to nighttime eating, what many of my clients like, if they follow Cruise Control Fasting, is that they have the freedom to eat what they love—pasta, pizza, and even fried rice and wine. So many people I work with feel restricted to only eating healthy foods, like veggies, at night. If you are able to utilize the 16:8 intermittent-fasting window where you eat for eight hours and fast for 16, you gain so much freedom to eat well at night, keep the weight off and lose weight every week. Check out cruisecontrolfasting.com for more information!

Photo credit: vm, Getty Images