“It takes a village” is an African proverb derived from the idea that children grow up healthier and happier when they’ve had the opportunity to interact with an entire community.

Believe it or not, the same can actually be applied to other aspects of life—everything from reaching a specific health goal, building a business, or even embarking on an environmental quest to recycle and remembering your reusable coffee cup more.

These may appear to require serious self-discipline, but there’s a huge secret I’m going to let you in on. You don’t actually have to do it all alone.

One of the biggest obstacles that people face with any goal is trying to do it all. Now don’t get me wrong, I love gutsy goals—in fact, it’s how I run my business.

But if you try and do it all, more often than not, you’re left burned out, exhausted, and probably a little defeated because you didn’t manage to do it all, despite your best intentions. So, what’s the solution? Continue to burn yourself out? Limit your goals to be more manageable? I can assure you neither of those are good options.

I mentioned that I love gutsy goals and frequently implement big ideas with my team. My village. With a collaborative, supportive network there is no dream too big or mountain too high that together, you can’t find a solution for. Just like the African proverb suggests, it truly does take a village.

Even if you’re thinking, “No thanks, I’m best as a solo operator,” there’s always something in which you could lean on another person, business, or organization for support. We’re all in this together after all, and recruiting help in areas that aren’t necessarily your expertise allows you to dedicate more time to your primary goal.

Business-building goals

Building a business is no easy feat, and there’s simply no way to minimize the time and work that goes into it. Quite simply, you need to begin building a village! Non-work-related tasks like grocery shopping can easily be delegated to free up more of your time. Choose local when possible because you’re a part of their village as much as they’re a part of yours, and being a good business owner begins with supporting other businesses.

For work-related things, finance and payroll can be delegated out. See this as an investment and guarantee these tasks will be done to a high standard, and use that extra time to get back down to business.

Health goals

Health goals are highly individualized, but that doesn’t mean you have to get there alone! If you’re working out, consider group exercise classes for an extra push of motivation. Alternatively, ask a neighbor if they’d like to join you on a (socially distanced) 3-mile jog. Chances are, they too were putting off going for a run, and an accountability partner was exactly what they needed to get them from slippers to sneakers. Perhaps you’re embarking on a healthy eating regime, and since cooking was never your thing, you’re struggling. Ask a friend who knows their way around a kitchen to help. Maybe she needs help with something that you’re skilled in, too. Ahh, the perfect skill share agreement.

Mindset goals

This can be a tricky one, since it really is a case of your mind over matter. Thankfully, there are a few ways to enlist support to help you achieve your mindset goals. Working with a coach or a therapist is a great way to make personal development a priority while giving yourself a dedicated outlet to express your feelings.

If you’re setting mindset challenges for yourself—like aiming to note three positive things you do each day—consider enlisting your colleagues for group motivation, too. Though not strictly interacting with others, apps like headspace or meditation can also help you maintain a positive growth mindset.

Remember, no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. There are many ways you can delegate or ask for support that will help you reach your goals, regardless of how gutsy or detailed it is. Start thinking about ways you can expand your village, and who you want in it. The power of collaboration and community is very real, and when you combine motivation and desire from others, no problem is too big to solve.

Photo credit: Chris Montgomery, Unsplash