Whether you literally hit the ground running because Spring has sprung, or you were overly enthusiastic about returning to the gym, injury happens. If find yourself sidelined, you can follow these tips from movement experts to recover. Not down and out yet, but trying to “push through”? Preparation is the best solution is to prevent getting hurt, and the pro tips below can help minimize damage and improve your time to recover.

When the damage is done

It’s discouraging, but all is not lost. There’s plenty of research that shows your gains don’t just disappear overnight, or in a week or even a month. For runners, downtime actually may lead to improvement. These moves will help you stay in the game without doing more harm than good.

When you’ve just started running outside

Even if you’ve been pounding the treadmill, returning to the great outdoors means new terrain for your feet and your ankles. These moves will help you adjust to banked pavement, curbs, puddles and anything else that can cause you to “land wrong” and get hurt.

When you’re prone to skip recovery

Stretching is important, but it’s just one aspect of recovery. Add myofascial release to break up “stuck” tissue, then stretch to align that tissue for unimpaired recovery.

Woman in Les Mills gear close up performing a plankWhen you’re making gains

Put it all together with this plan for training hard and continuing to make gains.