Show your glow!

You just spent the last hour shaking, twirling, dropping low, and dancing your way through an amazing Zumba class. You’re dripping sweat and your face is tomato-red. You’re proud of your workout and you want the world to know (ain’t nothin’ wrong with that)!

Before you snap your post-class photo and post it all over social media, check out our tips for getting your best selfie ever:

• Don’t be afraid to grab your selfie stick (it’s called SELFIE for a reason).
• Snap your reflection in a mirror ONLY if the lighting is really good (tip: natural lighting, aka the sun, is always the most flattering).
• Your phone’s camera comes with tools, so use them (avoid using flash, adjust brightness and sharpness, and make sure you focus on yourself).
• Use the back camera vs. the front one—your snap will come out better.
• You know how everyone has a “good side”? Figure out your best angle and show it off.
• (Show off your hottest Zumba wear!)
• Strike your favorite dance move with your class besties and use that selfie stick to capture it.
• Even though we think au natural is best, you might enhance your selfie with a filter; apps like A Color Story or Instagram’s built-in features are great (the Slumber filter has been known to bring in the likes).
• Share your best self and let the hearts roll in!
• Use #24Life and #ZumbaSelfie (you might wind up on Zumba’s pages!).

[Editor’s note: Please make sure that anyone else in your selfie knows you’re taking the photo and wants to be part of the fun!]

Photo credit: Liderina, ThinkStock