With more than 4 million readers, TheMinimalists.com, is a popular resource for people to learn to live more meaningful lives with less stuff.

The creators behind the successful site, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemis, lead by example and share their knowledge of improving their lives by living minimally on their site, through a podcast, books and even a new documentary.

24Life recently sat down with Millburn, one half of The Minimalists, to find out how he creates space in his daily routine to live the life he wants.

24Life: Regarding a typical day in your life—what is your morning routine? What is your bedtime routine?

Joshua Fields Millburn (JFM): I like to wake early, before the rest of the world—often as early as 3:30 a.m. I don’t wake to an alarm clock, however: I simply follow my body’s cues. You can find my morning routine here. At night, I like to go to sleep early, shortly after putting our three-year-old, Ella, to bed.

24Life: Where do you find inspiration for new ideas to share?

JFM: Everywhere. If you’re not inspired, you’re not paying attention to the world around you.

24Life: As a speaker/author/coach/mentor to so many, how do you achieve work/life balance? 

JFM: I don’t believe in work/life balance. I prefer work/life integration. To achieve that integration, I avoid being busy.

24Life: If you only have 24 minutes to exercise/move today, what do you do?

JFM: I would do this simple workout consisting of push-ups, pull-ups and squats.

24Life: What are you most passionate about?

JFM: Writing, health, relationships and contribution.

24Life: What book are you reading at the moment?

JFM: I’m always reading. Here are some of my favorite books.

24Life: What do you do to relax or regenerate?

JFM: Cryotherapy, float tanks, meditation, long walks and saunas.

24Life: What is your favorite energizing meal to nourish you?

JFM: My diet today consists mostly of plants and unprocessed foods. I eat an abundance of vegetables: I’m particularly fond of avocados, spinach, broccoli and anything green—not because they taste good, but because these foods makes me feel outstanding. I also eat fish, nuts and seeds most days. My ideal meal looks something like this: a bowl containing a small portion of rice, half an avocado, a large piece of grilled salmon, a handful of almonds and a massive spinach-carrot-cucumber side salad with almond oil and lemon. You can see more about my specific diet here.

24Life: What’s next for The Minimalists?

JFM: We’re working on a TV show that will be out in 2018.

24Life: Any advice for the world in one sentence?

JFM: Love people and use things—because the opposite never works.

Learn more about The Minimalists in the November/December 2016 “Health is Wealth” issue of 24Life: Love People. Use Things. Meet The Minimalists.