Cinco de Mayo is a day that is often celebrated with friends, tacos and margaritas. But if you’re afraid of celebrating Cinco de Mayo because it might derail all of the hard work you’ve put into turning your health around this year, never fear! We’ve rounded up a few ways you can celebrate this lively holiday without sacrificing your health or your workouts.

Take a Zumba class

Who doesn’t want to shake it to some Latin beats on Cinco de Mayo? The best place to do that (and burn some serious calories in the process) is in a Zumba class, of course! Come dressed to impress in your brightest workout gear, and get ready to salsa, merengue and groove your way across the studio floor. You’ll feel great and you can say that you participated in a worldwide movement. (May 5 is also National Fitness Day.)

Try a Paleo or skinny margarita

As delicious as they are, traditional margaritas are loaded with sugar and calories. Opt for a healthier version, like this Paleo marg from Danielle Walker of Against All Grain. You can find dozens of “skinny” margarita recipes online—many of which swap the traditional triple sec or margarita mix (both high in sugar) for agave nectar or stevia, and fresh orange juice.

Pass the plantain chips 

These green bananas, when baked until crispy in oil and sprinkled with sea salt, are an excellent source of potassium, fiber and vitamins. Of course, you’ll want to avoid store-bought, fried plantains, and instead make them yourself. (It’s easy! Try this recipe from Eat Well 101.) And while plantain chips can be a healthier alternative to salty tortilla chips, as always, moderation is key.

Skip the tortillas—make a bowl

We get it, burritos and tacos are life. But on the real, tortillas are full of unnecessary calories. Go wrap-less, and put your meat, beans, veggies and guac over some lettuce and a little brown rice for a protein-packed, healthy dinner that doesn’t skimp on the flavor or fun.

Make guac-kale-mole

What is our favorite part of Cinco de Mayo? The opportunity to indulge in one of our favorite healthy foods: guacamole! Take your guac to the next level by blending in some kale to add an extra dose of healthy and color. (We promise, you’ll never even know there are leafy greens in there.)

Interested in taking a Zumba class on Cinco de Mayo? Select 24 Hour Fitness locations will be hosting a free Zumba de Mayo event on Saturday, May 5. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Sean Locke, Stocksy