Lewis Howes is an author, athlete, entrepreneur and the creator of the highly successful “The School of Greatness” podcast. In the latest edition of 24Life Magazine, you can find an in-depth piece on how he got his start in the business world. Yet, 24Life also asked Howes to tell us a little bit more about what’s inspiring him lately …

24Life: What book are you reading right now?

Lewis Howes (LH): “Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season.”

24Life: Complete this sentence. This year I’m hoping to learn …

LH: To continue to let my mind be at peace in moments of stress.

24Life: Other than your own podcast, what podcasts do you frequently listen to?

LH: The podcasts by Tim Ferriss, Rob Bell and Chalene Johnson.

24Life: How do you keep your motivation and commitment on high when the workload is never-ending and you are not yet seeing any ROI?

LH: I pursue my dreams and have a clear vision — that keeps me going. But if the results aren’t coming in, then I shift, take in feedback and adjust to what is working and what is not working.

24Life: What tips do you have to build community and a network of support in your life?

LH: Connect with people that constantly inspire, support and challenge you to step up your life. If they aren’t doing that, or if they bring you down when you are around them, then they probably aren’t the right friends for you.

24Life: How does your workout routine change in the spring time?

LH: I like to get outside more and do hill sprints, distance runs, and most of all, pick up a basketball in addition to HIIT workouts and lifting in the gym.

24Life: Where’s your favorite place to daydream?

LH: My rooftop.

24Life: What is a message for the world in 24 words or less?

LH: Your dreams matter because YOU matter. Go out there and chase them to the fullest.

For more on Lewis Howes, check out “Practicing Greatness” in Volume 2, Issue 2 of 24Life Magazine.