If the beach isn’t in your plans just yet, why not go for a backyard bod? Try on some strength, cardio and core just for you, and find out how it feels to be amazingly comfortable in your own skin. Sure, family and friends may notice a difference, but that’s besides the point. Just squeezing any of these quick workouts in when you can will make you feel great today. Fit in another, and then another, and you just might like where you go.

BYOB (build your own body)

You might already have your routine that works for you, and that’s great. If you want to juice it up, add these moves and feel the difference.

When you only have 5 minutes

Chances are when you knock out this bodyweight, strength-building sequence between Zoom calls, you’ll want to do it again when the kids are doing their schoolwork, and maybe again before dinner.


Make dumbbells do more

Who needs biceps curls when your dusty pair of dumbbells can power cardio, core and strength moves? Swap out (or add in) some moves from this list to get compound benefits from this trusty equipment.


Classic core

Add a little oomph to your crunches with these variations. And if your home set-up includes straps, a kettlebell or sandbell, try the bonus moves in this list.

Photo credit: Melissa Walker Horn, Unsplash